POCA Membership – Why Patients Being Members Is Good For Your Clinic

    We’ve talked about all those other benefits, but I still hear clinic owners say, “Why should I get involved in patient/community membership?”. Simple, it’s another form of building community. Fractals, remember? POCA members are part of the POCA community, but they also have more sense of belonging to their home clinic. It becomes more “theirs”, and not just a place to go to passively receive needles. That translates to more involvement in the clinic’s daily operations and special events, more frequent visits, and less you (as a clinic owner) have to shoulder by yourself. Get it?
    New members this month come from 42 different clinics so far (47 if you count separate locations of a few clinics). From many of those clinics, only one new member signed up. But 15 clinics added more than 5 members, and some of those are really small clinics. I would suggest that the smaller the clinic, the bigger the benefit from patient membership, translating indirectly into clinic growth.
    Talk it out with some of your most familiar patients, you’ll probably be surprised how interested they become in the idea. Two more days in the Membership Drive. You can still get on the books!
Author: MMDobson

POCA Membership Coordinator and retired punk from Summerville Community Acupuncture, now living in St Petersburg, FL I have 4 Miniature Pinschers, a John Deere tractor, and a big family that lives throughout the South. Life is good.

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  1. It’s true – this weekend I was making Welcome Wagon calls to other POCA patient members, and it was so fun. People love their Community Acupuncture and their Punks! I certainly love PCA (but really, who doesn’t? 🙂