POCA Organizational Membership Guidelines

One of POCA's roles is to create connections between members' needs and available resources. Joining as an Organizational Member is a way for other economic entities to participate with, and in, POCA's economy of social capital and solidarity.

An Organizational Member is a non-person, non-clinic, non-patient entity, and is generally recognized as a producer, distributor, cooperative, social or community group, or any other group of individuals who support POCA's mission. Any organization whose mission or purpose supports the mission of POCA may join.

One of the primary benefits for Organizational Members is exposure to other POCA members for the purpose of advertising and promoting their organization and/or products and services. POCA does not explicitly endorse the products or services of Organizational Members.

POCA asks that Organizational Members follow our Advertising Policy. Organizational Members can use the online forum as a direct means to communicate with membership. POCA does not share member’s contact information with any vendor or organization. Organizational members may not use contact information for POCA members available through the website.

Membership dues are paid annually on a sliding scale from $100 to $1000.

Two (2) individuals who serve as Organizational Representatives will each receive the following benefits:

  • Sticking Together, our e-newsletter with articles written for patients and practitioners.*
  • The opportunity to offer hands-on-support to POCA and/or a local POCA clinic.
  • Three “free first treatment” certificates – good at any POCA clinic. Introduce friends and family to community acupuncture.
  • Free birthday treatment each year.
  • Waiving new patient fees at POCA member clinics.

* If you would like this emailed to additional members, let us know.

Organizational Members interested in marketing goods or services to POCA's members and clinics may contact the Finance circle.

Organizational Members may purchase advertising space in POCA publications by contacting the Membership circle.

If your organization performs work in line with POCA’s mission and would like to collaborate, please contact any of our General Circle leaders.

A representative of each member organization (selected by the organization) can vote in any POCA referendum. However, only individual practitioner or patient members (not organizations or clinics) may serve on the BOD or vote in the annual BOD election.