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Hi folks!
It's the third week of the Membership Drive. So far, we are down from last year. This time last year we had raised 1650 more than last year, which is a bummer because we need funds to keep the POCA party going.

Over in POCA Tech land, we like to throw the occasional party. End of the school year parties, graduation parties, post site visits parties and yes, study parties. There is a stupidly expensive but helpful tcm website that allows free access once a month and those who can, get together to take practice tests, share what we've learned and commiserate. So when the NCCAOM put out their new practice tests and one of our fellow students tried one out, he gave us the scoop.
(spoiler: they're only 50 questions instead of the 100 on the real boards and the end report doesn't tell you which questions you got wrong and once you're done looking at the test, you can't access it again, unless of course you pay another $50. and it's $50 each for biomed, points, etc, uuugh). So, it looks like we're likely not going to be using their tests. But that's ok because we're resourceful and we like sharing. Sharing makes for a better party we think. We share snacks, stories, shoulders to cry on, books, acupoint location dots, lecture notes, protocols we've found online, info on the best places to get co reqs, and more. We share because we know that taking out student loans to go to a regular acu school isn't what's in the best interest of our patients and our communities. We love that we are being instructed in honoring and respecting our patients, their bodies and their choices. We love learning master tung acupuncture, the balance method, Jin gei, Korean 4 pt and trauma informed care. We love that we are taught how to needle our patients instead of scolding or silently judging them. We love getting to practice accompaniment with our patients whether that's at the women's shelter, the outpatient treatment center or WCA.

And we punklings, love the support of everybody in the POCAverse. thank you for inviting us out of the cold and into the warm glow of the POCA  party. We've loved the treatments, the encouragement, the knowledge that acupuncture can be made to be for everybody and the sharing of everything you know so that more people can someday soon get acupuncture.

so far, it's been a great party. We've appreciated our away teachers, swooping in and dazzling us with their know how and passion. we've appreciated your mentorships and protocols. We've appreciated our home teachers diligently for showing up week after week of instruction. And we appreciate everybody in the POCAverse putting in a plug about POCA for the membership drive. We definitely couldn't be doing the studying and punk preparation without you.

So if you and your clinic have it in you, let's put in some extra juice for the membership drive! 

And for those who are coming out the join the NADA/POCA party (also a fundraiser) the first weekend of June, we look forward to seeing you!

Author: teatree

lover of bikes, gardens, loaf shaped animals, kids, contra dancing, books, and weird smells. poking people and helping them feel better is amazing.

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