POCA: Past, Present, and Future. A Very Quick and Dirty Guide


Kinda funny to talk about POCA's history when it is less than a year old, huh? Still, we are growing so fast with so many possibilities that it is easy to forget how fast we are changing. So let's start our history lesson…
Its quite convenient to divide POCA's very short history into three parts-and even better to note that each of the three parts starts with the big love-fests: CANference 1, held in Portland last April, CANference 2 staged in Manchester, NH last October, and the soon-to-be POCAfest 1 In San Francisco in May. 
First stage:  Alpha POCA
Beginning date and event: CANference 1 in Portland, April 2011
What happened in the alpha stage? The big thing was when the 6 member POCA steering committee started to meet. They came up with the POCA by-laws, incorporated as a co-op, decided to give  sociocracy a try as a governance system, and eventually developed the general Circle/Departmental plan, including asking various punks to fill initial roles as POCA went live to the public. Also a new set of rules for Locate A Clinic were implimented.
Second: Beta POCA
Beginning date and event: CANference 2 in Manchester, NH, October 2011
Note: we are currently in the beta edition of POCA and as the term impies we are busy wortking out the kinks in the system. The Circles went into operation by the CANference 2 and have spent the time up through today figuring out what works and what doesn't. One problem surfaced almost right away: the General Circle (GC) was/is to big to govern the other Departmental circles. The Inreach department stepped in to help get various Circles off the ground.
Besides the Circles starting up, the website went live, and the Website department has been working overtime to iron out the kinks. Also the Locate A Clinic rules were revised as it became apparent that the initial alpha stage revisions went too far. 
Third:  POCA v.1.0
Beginning date and event: POCAfest 1 in San Francisco, May 2012
POCA 1.0 implies a fuller,more user friendly version and that will happen when we figure out how to get GC working smoothly. For that to happen, we probably need to reorganize the Departmental Circles somewhat to make them more efficient. The other thing that will kick off v.1.0 is our first election of the Top circle/Board of Directors. The election will take place this spring with the announcement of the new Top Circle at POCAfest 1. 
…and the future: Calling something 1.0 implies that there wil be a 2.0, a 3.0, not to mention a 1.5, a 3.5, etc. And that's true: POCA is made to evolve as our needs evolve. Stay tuned or better yet, ask to become involved!
No doubt I've forgotten some major event or two. Let me know about them in the comments. 
Skip Van Meter
Author: Skip Van Meter

Skip is Lead Acupuncturist and Co-Founder of <a href="https://www.workingclassacupuncture.org/" target="_blank">Working Class Acupuncture</a> in Portland, Oregon. With the earlier part of his life spent acquiring knowledge about geology, urban planning and teaching high school, he has now been an acupuncturist for 19 years, using about a 1,750,000 needles poking his patients. He likes all things soccer, has three fabulous sons, the best wife in the world, and a great dog and two cool cats.

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  1. Just some other details to add in to beta stage happenings:

    Clinic Success revamped the what was formerly known as Support Hoes. Head into the Practitioner forum and look for a topic called “CLINC SUCESS is HERE!” There you can find out more about getting help with your clinic through one to one support. https://pocacoop.com/forums/viewthread/2337/

    Finance has been working on a budget based on projected expenses and income. Stay tuned!

    We’re still pulling together how POCA Outreach will interact with all of the departments, but there is lots of overlap with Clinic Success, Events, and various publications that will be continuing or coming soon. POCA’s newsletter “Sticking Together” should be arriving in your inbox each month.

    And of course POCAfest I in San Francisco is happening… stop reading this and go register now!