A Haiku for POCA Tech


Fellow co-op member,

The idea for an alternate version of the Acupuncture School Experience has been percolating for some time within the Community Acupuncture world. I’ve personally taken part in dozens of conversations through the past years that begin with some version of “wouldn’t that be great?!” and ends with a variation of “well, we gotta make that happen…”.
Well here’s our chance to heave forward together, as the reality of a sane, non-bloated, affordable, effective, practical and well-conceived acupuncture program is here.  You only need to dig up a few dollars and donate to the project. That’s how this will happen.
There are a whole bunch of really smart and motivated people working to establish POCA Tech with its long-overdue version of a full-fleged Community Acupuncture education. Join them as I have by kicking in a few bucks.  
In order to entertain and cajole you, dear readers, I’ve written the first of what I hope will be dozens of POCA Tech-related haikus.  Feel free to add your own after you’ve donated to the future of Acupuncture – POCA Tech
You’ve asked for it, right?
Cheaper schooling, better punks…
Give to POCA Tech
Author: andy-wegman

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  1. For Lisafer:

    a locked door in the
    acupuncture profession
    f’ing kick it down