‘A Radical History of Acupuncture in America’ – The next CA ‘zine

In the tradition of the Little Red Book(s), another award-winning community acupuncture ‘zine is upon us.

Our friend and comrade Greg Jones from St. Pete CA has created

A Radical History of Acupuncture in America

and offers it up for immediate download and circulation for all POCA members: a radical history of acupuncture in america.

Greg weaves the oft-ignored story of the use of acupuncture as a tool for individual and collective self-determination among truly revolutionary organizations – inlcuding POCA.

Acupuncture, The Black Panthers, Miriam Lee, NADA, WCA & POCA.

Talk about an esteemed lineage!

Thanks Greg!

Author: andy-wegman

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  1. Comrades, this zine is EXCELLENT. We’re going to be making a bunch for WCA’s waiting rooms. I love this about POCA, the way people just make awesome, useful stuff and share it! And this is one of those things that as soon as I read it, I wished we’d had around for the last 13 years. Thank you so much, Greg!

  2. Linda,

    You can adjust font sizes in your .pdf reader or via your printer settings.

    What you downloaded was a direct copy from the original printed ‘zine.

  3. I have been unable to download this. First it was saying my membership was expired, which it is not- and I contacted IT. Now it is saying I am not authorized for some reason. Is it just me having trouble? Please help, anyone!!?