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This years AAAOM Expo held in Chicago was a resounding success as anyone who attended will be sure to tell you.  For four days acupuncturists from around the country gathered to learn, share and experience the great diversity that exists in the profession.  Attendees had a wide palette of presenters to learn from and enhance not only their styles of practice, but also glean valuable practice management information.  You could see the delight in the eyes of many an attendee as they wandered the Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel, brimming with knowledge in which to deepen their practice.  

Several unannounced presentations caused quite a stir and deserve special mention here.  Due to late requests from many conference attendees into the nature of a relatively new phenomenon in the AOM profession known as Community Acupuncture (CA) and the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN), conference organizers shuffled the schedule around and allowed attendees to transfer at no fee their prescheduled CEU classes while accruing the same number of CEU-PDA credits in order to attend any of a series of CA related workshops.  The impromptu CA workshops were held with the intent of elucidating practitioners in regards to this new and misunderstood practice model.  As the AAAOM seeks to be as current as possible with the latest developments in the profession, conference organizers felt obligated to change the structure of the conference.  The latest Acupuncture Today articles by Will Morris DAOM MSEd, L.Ac., and Benjamin Dierauf L.Ac., MS were used as guides in constructing these classes.  Will Morris was an expo conference presenter, and is currently the president of the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, Texas, site team chair for the Accreditation Commission and was a member of the Commission’s Doctoral Task Force. Benjamin Dierauf served on the boards of CSOMA for seven years and CAOMA for six years and currently practices and works as academic dean at AIMC Berkeley.

Early reports indicate the workshops were a great success and the AAAOM plans on further developing these workshops, offering them on an ongoing basis.  A short description of each workshop follows and practitioners interested in attending should stay tuned to the AAAOM website for announcements on future dates.  Check regularly on the Cult Of CAN link.  

  • The CANtichrists (4 CEU-PDAs Pending)-  How a small segment of the professions resistance to change is ruining the future of AOM and what you can do about it. 
  • FranCANsteins Monster (4 CEU-PDAs Pending)- Unappreciative whiners are threatening professional growth because they can’t make school taught practice management work. How to avoid their misteps and thrive. 
  • Let Us Excise This CANcerous Growth (4 CEU-PDAs Pending)- The future of legislating against community acupuncture and resisting the changes they promote that endanger AOM professional growth and development. 
  • CANarchy (4 CEU-PDAs Pending)-  How CAN works tirelessly to unravel years of AOM progress through dangerous and reckless change. 
  • CANformity (4 CEU-PDAs Pending)- “doctorate bad, masters good.”  How CAN enforces group-think and disables critical thinking skills that will allow appropriate professional change.
  • CANdy From Strangers (4 CEU-PDAs Pending)-  How to avoid the predatory practices that CAN uses to increase their membership, sort through their misrepresentations and lies regarding the overwhelming degree of practitioner failure and resist the changes that will destroy AOM. 
  • The Doctorate: Yes We CAN! (8 CEU-PDAs Pending)-  Why the acupuncture community should resist CAN and any attempt to forge a unique identity for AOM that does not mimic elements of western care, such as physical therapy.  Why a dialogue concerning the folly of augmenting the degree status of a profession that already ill equips students for the reality of clinical practice and how that leads to the 50%-80% practitioner failure rate would be negative thinking and counterproductive to the future of the profession.  Why the future is more important than the present.

Finally, CA workshop attendees were treated to a skit performed by the AAAOM member composed acting troupe, The CANnibals at no extra charge.  The CANnibals used interactive theatre to educate attendees as to the dangerous, unclean, inappropriate, and unsophisticated practices that embody the typical CA clinic and can result in the loss of ones license.  The subject matter was presented in a way that had all attendees chuckling at the silliness and ineffectiveness of CA and CAN.  However attendees were left with the clear impression that for all it’s promises of changing the very structure of healthcare delivery by providing access to AOM for the working and middle classes, this is a change that all good practitioners would do well to resist and would do better to focus on more appropriate and common sense changes that will enrich the profession.  

The Zang Fool
Author: The Zang Fool

<p> This is a satirical blog post by a practitioner that is serious in his attempts to both increase acupunctures accessibility to the public and challenge practitioners preconceived notions of what acupuncture is and how it functions in society. It may make you laugh, but that is just a means to an end. That end is thought and ultimately positive change. This is what all good satire does: prick, prod and provoke thought and positive change within a community. </p> <p> Satire has long been a part of muckraking and this profession is teeming with muck.  So, in the wake of the nonsense spewed from the foul anus of the Acupuncture-Industrial Complex come my musings on life, love and the proposed doctoral program. </p>

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  1. “dangerous, unclean, inappropriate, and unsophisticated”–

    That’s got to rank up there with “militant and incendiary.”  Wonderful, hilarious, biting satire – thanks ZF!  I especially love “CANdy from strangers,” and you know I’m all about CANarchy.


  2. Don’t foget the CANdida

    Don’t foget the CANdida Cleanse (4 CEU – PDAs pending): Do you still have that nagging itch that CAN is really on to something? Get rid of those inflammatory ideas by exposing the lies regarding doctor/patient realtionships and depth of treatments presented by CAN.


    Circle Community Acupuncture

    San Francisco

  3. you missed this one…

    Treating CANker Sores (1.25 CEUs ) – How to easily, effectively, and quietly try to quell dissenting alternative voices who promote socially responsible and sustainable ways to conduct your business and grow the profession. Special bonus brainstorming session on how to interpret polling data to your own advantage or just outright ignore it. Free attendance for all acupuncture publication editorial staff and regular approved contributors. Special guest speaker, Dr. Oddie Lee Tisom.