ACAOM’S New Statement

Remember the first-professional doctorate that we were discussing a couple of months ago?

How it seemed like an idea that might really hobble acupuncture rather than elevate it? 

Remember how CAN clinics were able to gather over 500 signatures in under 2 weeks?

Well, it seems as though our voices have been heard… please read[1].08.pdf

(I am running off to work and haven't yet found the link to the comments on the ACAOM website…if you find it please post a link…. apparently they got over 600 pages of comments!) 


 WHEW!   CONGRATULATIONS !  Yooooo–Hooooooo!!!!!!

BUT this only means that we have a little more time to keep educating folks about the different directions that acupuncture as a profession is headed, and how important the decisions we make now will effect how acupuncture is practiced.   

Coming soon is more info about what you can do to get the word out there to the unconvinced, the uninformed, the many who are confused by all the jargon (first-professional doctorate, post graduate doctorate, etc )  

ACAOM says they are waiting for consensus in the profession, we'll lets raise some!

Author: crismonteiro

I've always thought that I would live to be 100 years old and now that I have an actual idea of what it might be like to inhabit this body for a century I want to be damn sure that Community Acupuncture is around to help me through my days and in the end, on my way. In the meantime, I am passionate about getting shit done, and also having fun.

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  1. Victory! Thanks Cris!

    As Chuck Thompson, the voice of the Baltimore Orioles and Colts in my youth used to say,

    Ain’t the beer cold!


    CoolSealedKissTongue out 

  2. Whoo Hoo indeed!  I feel

    Whoo Hoo indeed!  I feel especially excited because this may confirm for CAN the belief that we as a community can have a say in the way our profession develops!  Onward!


  3. data shows:

    Thanks to whoever posted the link to the survey data  It’s interesting to see the specs on who responded and where they live…no real surprises that students and folks in California were largely who responded…I was a bit surprised and pleased to see how many patient responses there were… seems that the group most in favor of the entry-level doctorate is the students, with non-US trained acupunks up there in support too.  The top reasons for strong support were to increase the credibility and prestige of the profession and to increase the quality of patient care–

  4. Out-of-step

    You’re welcome Cris.

    As usual, the national and state organizations, which strongly support a first-professional doctorate as entry-level into the profession, are out-of-step with the acupuncture and Oriental medicine communities of interest.


  5. ACAOM’s new statement

    Oh, thank God! And thanks to everyone who took the time to call or write or collect petition signatures to send to the ACAOM — and especially to Cris for organizing the resistance!
    It’s great to have a little more time to get organized to deal with this thing, and great to see that lots of people in multiple categories opposed the first doctoral madness. Even in the “student” category, which officially supported it, there was significant opposition and definitely not a mandate.
    This makes my day!Smile

  6. We the People…

    I’m delighted that the ACAOM has ears/eyes and had the courage to bring the info forward.  It still works to SPEAK OUT!  I’ve been wondering about how effective that’s been in the last few years…


    Whoo Hoo!  First round – a victory!  Onward!   

  7. ACAOM doctoral survey results

    I just want to clarify something about this thread for everyone…There were 600 pages of comments generated about the proposed standards via the online comment page at ACAOM’s website, however the link posted for the doctoral survey results (  shows us the data that ACAOM collected back in 2003 BEFORE they even drafted the standards… which really points to the influence that the groups that supported the proposal had on ACAOM. This is again NO SURPRISE… that it was the professional organizations and non-US trained acupuncturists who had enough clout to influence ACAOM into writing standards, along with a student population that I believe doesn’t really understand why or how an entry-level doctorate might have negative effects on the profession.  Patients, practitioners, faculty, and administrators were all actually opposed to the idea.   What I mis-read in my hurry this morning in the ACAOM statement from Feb.8, 2008 was that they were going to put the most recent comments on line (in some condensed format.)  The document the ACAOM statement refers to is a transcript from a meeting in Oct 2007, where various members of “communities of interest” spoke at a hearing on the matter.