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Welcome to the Best of CAN's Blogs!  We've reviewed over 1000 blogs from the past three years to bring you some of our favorites, those which speak to the heart of Community Acupuncture.   We hope these gems convey to you what we love about CAN, what our patients love about our CA-clinics, and why we're all in this together.  Take a minute to also check-out our Community Acupuncture Video, read through some of the news stories that we've been a part of, and visit the Locate-A-Clinic page listing 150+ Community Acupuncture clinics to find one near you.

10 Things I Love About Being a Community Acupuncturist by Justine Deutsch in Cambridge, MA

A Reminder About Numbers by Skip Van Meter in Portland, OR 

A Sea-Change – “guest” blog from Pam Chang in Albany, CA

And Now, A Little Holiday Cheer by Alexa Hulsey in Nashville, TN

Another Person’s View by Skip Van Meter in Portland, OR 

Art and Healing and Sustainable Business by Korben Perry in Philadelphia, PA

Boutique Acupuncture and Other Sundry Notions by Cris Monteiro in Providence, RI 

Breaking Down Walls While Hiding Behind Others Comfort and Joy: Being at Work on Christmas Day by Lisa Rohleder in Portland, OR 

Community Acupuncture and TCA on PBS by Keith Zabik in Tucson, AZ 

Community Acupuncture on “Marketplace” Tonight by Korben Perry in Philadelphia, PA

Community Acupuncture Network by Jordan Van Voast in Seattle, WA 

Electric Slide: The 15th Major Meridian by Korben Perry in Philadelphia, PA

Everybody Go Buy A Copy of Utne Reader!!! by Lisa Rohleder, in Portland, OR

Face Time by Melissa Tiernan in Santa Fe, NM 

Frequent Treatments by Andy Wegman in Manchester, NH

Get the Funk Out by Keith Zabik in Tucson, AZ 

Guest Post: Lucas VanMeter from Portland, OR

Guest Post: Patient Perspective from Detroit, MI

How I came to identify as a naptime activist, or, Stop waking your patients up!! by Ellen Vincent in Philadelphia, PA 

I Want to be the Subaru Guy by Melissa Tiernam in Santa Fe, NM

Installment 2 of the “Finding Normal” Study Guide by Lisa Rohleder in Portland, OR

Installment 5 of “Finding Normal”: Vocation by Lisa Rohleder in Portland, OR

It's About Time by Michael Lium-Hall in Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Letter to my Dad About “Owning” a Business by Korben Perry in Philadelphia, PA 

Look, it's ACMAC!  CAN's sister across the pond! by Lisa Rohleder in Portland, OR

Making Acupuncture More Effective by Diana Di Gioia in West Dennis, MA 

Moments From Our Latest Free Day And the Changing Demographics of Who Gets Acupuncture by Cris Monteiro in Providence, RI 

More Evidence – Affordable Acupuncture Matters by Diana Di Gioia in West Dennis, MA

My Aspiration: For Acupuncture to be a Common Everyday Thing in My Community by Jade Fang in Winona, MN

Never Mistake Your Presence for the Event by Isobeau Trybula in Brooklyn, NY 

OK, I’ve Built It; Now Where the Heck Are They? (On Growing a Patient Base, with a Bit of Reflection on Somerset Maugham) by Lisa Rohleder in Portland, OR

Observations of a CA Practitioner by Moses Cooper in Portland, OR 

Of Statistics & Acupuncture by Matt Gulbransen, in Portland, OR

On Whispering in Our Clinics by Lumiel Kim-Hammerich in San Rafael, CA 

One Step at A Time by Moses Cooper in Portland, OR 

Open Letter to a Fellow L.Ac. — or, a Case Study on What Not To Do by Lisa Rohleder, in Portland, OR 

Out of the Mouth of Babes by Tatyana Ryevzina in Albany, CA

PhotosyntheQi by Jessica Feltz-Wolfson in Frederick, MD 

Relaxation, Response. by Nora Madden in Detroit, MI

“Rip-Offs and Con-Artists…and Other Well-Meaning People” by Lupine Hudson in Portland, OR

Roseto Effect by Jessica Feltz-Wolfson in Frederick, MD 

Slide and Connect Michelle Faucher in Chico, CA 

Stop Fighting the Last War, Start Owning the New Reality by Skip Van Meter in Portland, OR 

Thankful To Be Holding The Space Among Many by Andy Wegman in Manchester, NH 

The Object is Help by Larry Gatti in Tucson, AZ 

Thinking About a CAP? Go to Portland by Larry Gatti in Tucson, AZ

Things We Know by Ann Mongeau in Anoka, MN

Three’s Good Company by Andy Wegman in Manchester, NH

Touching Communities Near and Far by Justine Deutsch in Cambridge, MA 

View From The Parking Strip by Lisa Rohleder in Portland, OR 

Walking Wabi-Sabi by Larry Gatti in Tucson, AZ 

What I Learned in School Today (Part 1 of 538) by Cortney Barber in Portland, OR 

What Was That? by Roy Green Pach in Jerusalem, ISRAEL 

Where I am now. by David Lesseps in San Francisco, CA

Where everyone knows your name by Diane Price by Portland, OR

Yes! Article is Online! by Lisa Rohleder in Portland, OR 

Yin and Yang of Being a CAN Practitioner by Lumiel Kim-Hammerich in San Rafael, CA 

Jessica Feltz
Author: Jessica Feltz

<p> I learned about Community Acupuncture while studying at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) in the Spring of 2006 when Lisa Rohleder's first article about her clinic appeared in Acupuncture Today. Coming from a middle-class background myself, I was the only student in my acupuncture class to have not experienced the healing benefits of this medicine prior to beginning studies at MCOM. I couldn't afford it. And my family couldn't understand what I was doing by investing in an education that they didn't perceive to be financially sustainable. </p> <p> The Community Acupuncture model is a perfect fit for me, balancing social justice and taoist simplicity with the patient's innate ability to heal him/herself (with a few gentle nudges from strategically placed needles). I am grateful every day to have found CAN and the love it brings into my life. I want to share that joy by spreading the message about how we can create a new health care experience in our communities through each of our very small efforts...and how those very small efforts can in turn change the world. </p> I enjoy my two sons, my 4 cats, and big stacks of books.  I own and operate...

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