CAN’s Complaint About ACAOM’s Non-Responsiveness to CAN’s Complaint

Dear ACAOM, Please consider this your final opportunity to respond to the Community Acupuncture Network’s (CAN) complaint regarding your February 2010 decision to “authorize the ACAOM Doctoral Task Force to complete its work in developing standards for accrediting first-professional doctoral programs in AOM for the Commission’s review and consideration.”

As a recapitulation of our activities and your responses:

  • April 2, 2010: CAN posted an official letter of complaint on CAN’s public blog. ACAOM did not respond to the public blog.
  • May 12, 2010: Letter of complaint from CAN was received at ACAOM offices, according to Lacy Spencer. ACAOM said that they would offer an official response after their annual meeting in August of 2010.
  • ACAOM did not offer a response to CAN, pursuant to ACAOM’s August 2010 meeting. 
  • September 6, 2010: (CAN’s outgoing Board President) Andy Wegman sent an email to Lacy Spencer, inquiring about ACAOM’s official response. ACAOM did not reply to Andy Wegman’s email. 
  • To date, no response has been made regarding CAN’s formal complaint.

Per Section 3.12 of the ACAOM Policy & Procedure book: “the complainant will be notified in writing within 30 days of the Commission meeting of any action taken by the Commission in response to the complaint.” 

Per Section 602.23.c.3 of the USDE’s Financial Aid for Postsecondary Students, Accreditation in the US, Subpart B: Criteria for Recognition’s Basic Eligibility Requirements: “The accrediting agency must review in a timely, fair, and equitable manner, and apply unbiased judgment to, any complaints against itself and take follow-up action, as appropriate, based on the results of its review.”

CAN has graciously given you more than six months to respond. Our patience is at an end.

If the Community Acupuncture Network’s formal complaint is not addressed in full within ten days, we will have no choice but to contact the USDE and NACIQI.

Sincerely, Jessica Feltz and Larry Gatti

*Delivered at 11:50 am on Tuesday, October 19, 2010.

Jessica Feltz
Author: Jessica Feltz

<p> I learned about Community Acupuncture while studying at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) in the Spring of 2006 when Lisa Rohleder's first article about her clinic appeared in Acupuncture Today. Coming from a middle-class background myself, I was the only student in my acupuncture class to have not experienced the healing benefits of this medicine prior to beginning studies at MCOM. I couldn't afford it. And my family couldn't understand what I was doing by investing in an education that they didn't perceive to be financially sustainable. </p> <p> The Community Acupuncture model is a perfect fit for me, balancing social justice and taoist simplicity with the patient's innate ability to heal him/herself (with a few gentle nudges from strategically placed needles). I am grateful every day to have found CAN and the love it brings into my life. I want to share that joy by spreading the message about how we can create a new health care experience in our communities through each of our very small efforts...and how those very small efforts can in turn change the world. </p> I enjoy my two sons, my 4 cats, and big stacks of books.  I own and operate...

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  1. thanks for the follow up

    Jessica and Larry,

    thank you for the follow up on this. i think it’s very interesting that these folks seem to have no time to repond to the formal complaint that has been filed by CAN, or address the many other thousands of letters protesting the FPD, but have been making comments on various internet boards to the effect that the FPD will keep rolling forward despite the lack of consensus in the profession. the comments mainly gloss over the fact that they were not given the green light, using phrases like “once we achieve consensus,” implying that they will just wait out the opposition instead of addressing the valid concerns.

    seems they also had quite a bit of time to focus on  throwing practitioners and students under the bus in their comments to DOE attempting to keep the federal student loan money train running.

    “our” professional organizations seem to be more clearly defining who they are actually looking out for and it’s certainly not graduates trying to make it in the profession.

    thanks again for staying on top of this, i look forward to hearing updates.


    Good health is not a measure of adapting to a sick society.

    When the power of love outshines the love of power, the world will know peace.

  2. It is very disconcerting to

    It is very disconcerting to me that the same attitude regarding problems displayed by my school is showing up with the accrediting board.  It makes no sense to me, this ‘tough luck/my way or the highway’ attitude.  Clearly there is a vocal contingent of the profession’s population that has well-articulated issues that need to be addressed about the FPD – we may even represent the majority opinion about this.  I can’t fathom stifling the dialogue. 

    I have had little contact (blissfully!) with the corporate world – I’m coming to acupuncture from theatre.  What kind of organization has so little integrity that they don’t abide by *their own* rules and/or procedures?  Who are these people?  What’s gained by shirking this responsibility?  I don’t ask these questions rhetorically, really, I just can’t fathom it.  

  3. they all….

    …have narcissistically wounded inner children who feel entitled to doing things how they see fit and hide behind their paternalistic concern for the “profession.” Well, actually, it’s not a real profession, because if it was a profession, it would appear in the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Guidebook, right?

    So if it is not a profession run by professionals, than it is a field run by rank amateurs.

  4. “within ten full days”

    Jessica and Larry, 


    Thanks SO MUCH for doing this… for documenting this… looking forward to hearing more about what happens next (since according to my calendar it has been more than 10 days).  

    Have you seen the movie”Galaxy Quest”? My favorite quote:

    “Never give up, never surrender!”


  5. Forthcoming.

    Yes, it has been more than ten days, and yes we do have something to share.  But we are all at the CAN Board meeting this weekend.  We’ll try to write an update sometime in the week after we’re all back home again…

  6. Dear MJ ~

    If by “follow-up” you mean, “did ACAOM send words on a piece of paper to CAN” then: Yes. 

    If by “follow-up” you mean, “did ACAOM respond in line to CAN’s original complaint” then: No.

    Why do you ask, Michael?

  7. Hey JFW, I am not sure how

    Hey JFW, I am not sure how to get your blog to update mr when a response has been posted, sorry for the delay. Would you mind sending me the response? Would you be up for a phone call also?