Community Acupuncture and CommuniChi featured on The Environment Report

The story is entitled: “Acupuncture for the Masses”. I thought the reporter Ann did an excellent job of composing this story in a new and interesting way that is especially relevant to the times – lowering the carbon footprint for medicine. Did anyone hear it live on NPR?

Click here to go to the: The Environment Report

where you can either listen, or read the text.

What was especially cool about doing this story interview was how our patients went to bat for us and spoke with such eloquence and power about their experience of community acupuncture. Thanks Dove and Jaqi!

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  1. missed the live broadcast but…

    What a great story!  Congratulations!  It was great hearing your voices and your patients’ voices – I love that intimate effect of radio. 

  2. that was pretty hilarious.

    that part was funny, I forgot about that.  You guys are so kooky!

  3. Congratulations Jordan and Serena!

    including on getting to listen to your patients talk to the media about CA. Isn’t that just the best feeling? I always think of it as the ultimate commercial for CA — I hope that other acupuncturists will hear it/see it/read their words and think, wow, I want patients like THAT! Maybe I will just run out and lower my prices right now!