Community Acupuncture and TCA on PBS

Arizona Illustrated from PBS visited Tucson Community Acupuncture a few weeks ago to do a story. 

Here’s the links:

link # 1: As the new administration gears up to reform the nation’s health care
system, two local acupuncturists are already working to revolutionize
alternative medicine in Tucson.

link # 2: Dr. Victoria Maizes speaks about acupuncture (aired right after the TCA segment)

For some reason in the first segment, the video on the internet doesn’t have the “labels” on screen that usually appear in video segments that identify the peeps who are talking.  So here is your cast of characters:

Larry……on the left

Keith……brown tee w red fist

Jan……..Pokee #1

Sina…….Pokee #2

Alex Holland …. Prez, Asian Institute of Medical Studies

Many many thanks to Shosho and all of the TCA pokees who volunteered to be on camera…

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  1. Powerful statements on Link 1.

    Very nice touch, Alex Holland’s inclusive statements, and that last shot of the wheelchair patient with dog exiting the clinic.  The whole thing could have been scripted by us all! When I saw Keith folding the blanket, I realized that’s exactly how I do my folding, too!  Plus, it was great to see your clinic in action.  Terrific patient testimonials–they did great!  I nominate this one for an academy award.

  2. I second the Oscar

    I second the Oscar nomination!  That video is fantastic. 

  3. Holy moly.

    CANers are *blowing up* public media lately – first PCA on Marketplace, now CommuniChi on The Environment Report, now this…!

    I loved the audio aspect of the first two pieces, and I LOVE the visuals on this one!  I had to press pause at about :09 because CHECK OUT THE FULL RECLINERS!  Good work fellas.  

    (By the way, the follow up segment, all I heard was “blah blah blah blah–garden!–blah blah blah blah.”  Nothing could top the images and patient testimonials – and you guys being real – in the initial segment.)

  4. community

    That’s Shannon and Stan, two of our favorite beings at TCA.  Stan is probably smarter than me.  Shannon has told me that he turns lights on and off, can work the tv, pick up keys, mail, etc.  Once, he even helped paint their house, albeit accidentally.  He was wagging his tail in the painted room.  Besides being super smart, he is one happy fella!   

    If you listen closely at the very end of the piece (4:01), as Shannon and Stan are leaving I can be heard saying, “Alright, see you next time.  Tell your mom and dad I said ‘hi'” to Sina.  We have treated the whole family, which is, of course, one of the many beautiful aspects of CA.    

  5. Congratulations Keith & Larry

    That story and video will surely benefit your clinic and the CA profession as a whole.  So great to see you guys succeeding.

  6. Stillness and reverence

    Great to see you at work in your space.What struck me was the stillness and the reverence that this model seems to have for holding a space for people to be quiet with themselves.It doesnt matter which of the CAN clinics I visit I feel this same quieting of people as they step into the treatment area and leave their lives behind for a little bit.Watching you doing your paperwork in the space was great too.

    So now I dont have to come and visit you all in Tucson I have seen it in all its glory. Lovely!!

  7. awesome

    Great job you guys! I’m taking notes for my next interview.

    All true religions seek to gain access to that level of consciousness which is not ego-bound.&a

  8. Great story!

    I’m forwarding this link to all my students. They need to see this!

  9. latest superheroes:


     TCA, TCA, TCA!!! great job, you guys! now i’m serious, i need the autographs on some empty needle boxes… address on our locate a clinic page. 🙂



    Good health is not a measure of adapting to a sick society.

    When the power of love outshines the love of power, the world will know peace.

  10. Great piece for NPR…for some reason I am surprised that

    you have such serious faces because Keith seems kind of a yuckster. I feel better that my clinic has no artwork either…and you were on NPR! Lovely clinic and it feels like a place people want to be.

  11. lights……bright…..brain

    lights……bright…..brain malfunction….smile…laugh..not..working..uhoh…malfunction…beep….try…sound intelligible…beep…autopilot..taking over..

    i just am really glad i didn’t totally flop and embarass us all, i thought i wasn’t nervous beforehand, but then i froze up several times when interviewed, you can hear the brilliant editing in the piece if you listen for the cut and paste on one .  Larry was the opposite,a little nervous beforehand, but said some really great stuff, and funny stuff, on camera which ended up edited.

    keith  –p.s. thank you all for the positive vibes, it’s harder to be under the lights than i thought ! 

  12. I LOVE this video

    and I also love it that you guys are willing to be under the lights. It is harder than it looks and it is a great thing for the movement that we have quite a number of people who are good at it. Like you two! Speaking of “getting it”: doesn’t it seem like reporters in general seem to be “getting it”? 

    So have you noticed a response in terms of people calling?

  13. clips of CA patients being treated in a FULL tx rm!

    Chiming in with Nora here on the FULL recliners in mid swing of a busy shift—those are such exquisite and important images for the pubilc, and potential CA punks, to focus on. It changes fundamental acu establishment assumptions of how acu ought to be delivered to just observe the simplicity and power of community acupuncture. Rock on!

  14. Yes

    we have had a response to the video.  What’s great is that Arizona Illustrated recycles segments like ours and runs them every couple of months or so.  The gift that keeps giving!!  Between that, our weblink, our increased ranking  on google search, the link to our site on their site and our peeps forwarding it to their friends we should get new folks from this for a while.

    I have fielded 4 or so calls so far for appts where the first thing they said was “I saw you guys on tv the other night…”  As we do online scheduling as well, it is hard to know just yet the full impact of the segment.  Our pre-week numbers are healthy.

    The best part is that the guy who edited the segment at the studio came in and bought a four treatment package hours before air time because he so liked what he saw.   Cool.

  15. let the organic connections continue…

    “The best part is that the guy who edited the segment at the studio came
    in and bought a four treatment package hours before air time because he
    so liked what he saw.”


    Awesome! This is the effect seeing and participating in CA in one form or another has on people. You just want to share it with everyone you know. Congrads on the media responses so far.