Community Dream Journal: Part II

Some time ago, I blogged about the idea of keeping a journal at TCA for people to record the visions and manifestations that arise in the subtle state of consciousness while under the needles. I dug up an old drawing journal that I originally had intended for transposing 3 years of Kiiko Matsumoto’s inimitable drawings and insightful ideas as to Chinese character etymology. I never got around to that project; I’m a Tan man now. However, I figured that the book would be a fantastic canvas on which the community could scribe, draw, scribble, etc. The book sat around for a couple of months before it found it’s way into the hands of Cayelin Castell, a friend and frequent visitor of TCA. What follows is the first entry into our journal, her dream. These are her words and I reprint them here with her permission. I hope you enjoy.

Acupuncture Dream Experience October 22, 2008

Background for the Dream
When I first found The Tucson Community Acupuncture Clinic in September of 2008 I was so thrilled and delighted I told all my friends. A very special friend, mentor and sacred sister, Nicole Christine, immediately made an appointment and signed up for a series of eight sessions. Nicole shared with me that she was having a wonderfully supportive experience at the Acupuncture Clinic and we often found ourselves there at the same time. What I didn’t know then was Nicole would die on October 18, 2008 from Cancer.

I knew Nicole had cancer and had been receiving treatment for the past couple of years. Nicole always seemed so vibrant during the times I saw her in the weeks leading up to her death, so I found I was surprised when she shared with me and a few others on October 7 that she felt she was ready to make her transition from this life. She also shared how deeply grateful she was for her acupuncture treatments and she told me she felt they were helping her to either make a smooth transition from this life or perhaps they would give her a jump start that would help her stay longer. She wasn’t attached to either outcome and was ready to make her transition if it was her time.

Nicole Christine died on October 18, 2008 at 2:11 pm. This is the dream I had a few days later…

The Dream
Shortly after Nicole died she came to me in a dream. I was surprised to see her in what looked like the Tucson Community Acupuncture Clinic. She was sitting in a recliner with people in chairs on either side of her. She seemed to be in the midst of getting an acupuncture treatment. In my dream space I found myself wondering how she would feel to know she was still here in this dimension. I found myself feeling concerned that she would be upset to find out she hadn’t died after all. As I was having this thought Nicole opened her eyes and looked straight at me. I was startled at first then I realized she didn’t see me.

At first I was puzzled by this and wondered what was going on? Then I found myself walking down a street and telling someone that there were other dimensions all around us and we can see into those dimensions and see others who are no longer in this dimension. As I was saying this I realized I was answering my question and that a few minutes before I had been seeing Nicole in another dimension and it looked like she was receiving acupuncture (or something that looked like acupuncture to me) to help her adjust to the new frequencies of the dimension she was now in.

I woke up with the strong feeling that Nicole was giving me a message about how profoundly important the acupuncture had been for her in preparing for her transition from this life and she was also telling me that acupuncture is a powerful tool that is assisting us in the transitions we are experiencing in this reality as mass changes continue to take place.

The message I got was that not only is acupuncture helping me on so many levels but as I find myself more peaceful, rested and balanced that is a gift I give myself and all those around me.

Thank you, thank you, Larry and Keith for the gift of health and well-being you are providing so affordably to the Tucson Community! Joyful Blessings, Cayelin Castell Tucson Resident since 1979

Author: LarryG

CA punk for 12 years. AZ License #600

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  1. Who are we?

    Secret priests and priestesses of an arcane healing art given to us from unknown sources, to help humankind recover our lost wholeness and humanity by harmonizing our atoms with the music of the spheres.

    This is so beautiful, I’m going to read it to my class to help them to understand what it is that acupuncture really does. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. inspired

    You’ve inspired me to get a journal for our clinic.  I would love to collect some stories. 

    Another thought:

    Sam and I get regular visits from traveling artists.  They have a book of portaits and stories of people in the Ninth Ward who survived Hurricane Katrina.  A copy of the book is in our office. They come and trade art for treatments and we are storing some of there art for them while they travel.  They are drawing portaits and collecting stories of people and Appalacia.  I have turned them on to CAN so they can find other clinics as they travel.  Next time I see Frecesco and Casey are will propose a collected portrait and story project on community acupuncture.  They could travel across the country and meet with many practioners and patients and communities collecting stories like this.   How wonderful.

    Thanks, Elizabeth