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Act of Solidarity: Juneteenth special at Urbana Acupuncture

Act of Solidarity: Juneteenth special at Urbana Acupuncture
An interview with Urbana Acupuncture clinic owner Jim Lorr, and a reflection from previous POCA Board member, Qui Dorian

Introductions and Acknowledgement: Part of the Movement Building Circle’s work is sharing examples of how clinics use their resources to support folks in our communities in liberatory ways. We feel it’s important to share what is being tried, what is learned in the process, and to take the time to reflect on how to keep growing in that work.

The Juneteenth special was led by a group of white punks and volunteers, and the first interview was conducted between two white punks. Within the MBC, we are always open to suggestions for more liberatory approaches to how we are sharing examples of addressing white supremacy, especially since most of us in the circle are benefiting from that system. We hold ourselves accountable for any mistakes in the process.


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