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Last night while I was asleep, I awoke with a vision so bright and clear, it was all I could do to keep from dashing to my keyboard to plunk it out.

I was recalling a trip I took to New York City, some two years ago now. I was going to a NADA conference, (short for National Acupuncture Detox Association, or nothing), an appropriate name for such a humble but determined group of health care providers. I had spent a number of weeks in Vancouver prior to this, working at a Drug rehab center and felt called to know more about NADA and the people behind it.

I remembered being so inspired by a number of presenters at the conference in NYC – people from all over the world, doing fantastic work through acupuncture. Towards the end of the weekend, one individual’s words really stuck with me, he said: “with great knowledge, comes great responsibility.” Now I have never considered myself to possess “great knowledge”, but I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of this new emerging peloton.

For many months, even years after that conference, I kept the yeast of those ideas close to my heart, where they could stay alive and multiply. And then one sunny day, while googling, I came across something that caught my eye; the website of Working Class Acupuncture. As I read about them and their work it was liked getting pricked in the head at a certain location (GB20, for all you acupuncturists out there). Feelings of passion and desire that I had been harboring began to awaken once again.

I signed up for the first available workshop on Community Acupuncture and two months later was driving down a rainy highway towards destiny. I will never forget that weekend; I was once again back in the peloton that I was born to ride with. I never felt more at home with a group of strangers. What’s more their ideas were beyond inspiring. I sensed I was amongst a group of political agitators who are the yeast of revolution.

I returned home from this inspiring journey and set to work. Six months later hemma; the home of yoga and acupuncture, (or was that the home of acupuncture and yoga)(that’s another story) had become a reality.

This past week, we hit 50 patients again, and I am already planning for 100, and then 150, and then CANADA!

Author: michael

<p>Michael began having visions of community acupuncture several years ago as he was sitting in an acupuncture class. The visions continued until he saw them come to life during his first visit to Working Class Acupuncture in Portland. He returned to Canada (his new country), inspired to take this movement into Canada, and construct his vision <a href="">hemma</a><a href="" target="_blank"></a> in Victoria, BC, where he lives with his wife and two children. Michael is a true renaissance man, a teacher, carpenter, yoga instructor, farmer, acupuncturist, and flute player to name a few of his avocations. Although no doubt community acupuncture was the one true thing he has been searching for all along! </p>

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