Digging Deep Behind the Scenes at the CANference (Explicit)

Now, I’m not a gossip or anything but we just had too much fun at the CANference to not report on the behind the scenes activity that many of you may not have noticed in your coop-induced ecstasy.  

For starters, who saw Skip jump me and then Nora in rapid succession after Kim Tippens’ talk, right there on the floor of the auditorium?  My guess is that we were doing such good work as Lisa Rohleder’s body doubles, he got very confused.  Either that or he took my “well, who doesn’t have the hots for Skip?” question a little bit too seriously.  Either way, the public display of, er, affection went a long way towards loosening everyone up even more than the audible gasp-inspiring announcement of the mulitstakeholder cooperative.  We got loose, people.  What I want to know is how many other women Skip tackled.  Show of hands please!  

While you were all in your Saturday afternoon break-out session, SnL and I went home to nap and get ready glittery for the evening festivites.   I prepared my body double outfit, we borrowed Ilse’s car, and we hit the Doug Fir with bells on.  

And then, Skip and Lisa opened the karaoke party with a striptease act, oh my god.  If you missed it (Whitsitt and Rob, you know who you are), here’s your chance to catch up.  (And thanks to Justine for getting so many of the CANraoke videos)

The wig ended up making the rounds – another show of hands if you had the wig on at any point in the evening, please!

Most people sang!  Most people danced!  People I didn’t expect to sing sang (Andy Wegman).  People I didn’t expect to dance danced (Lisa Rohleder, but sadly, no footage).  People lost their karaoke virginity (Whitsitt Goodson) — not that you would believe it for a second, White Horse was so good.   (Lisa told me that she woke up the next day with that song in her head).  And who woulda thunk that Keith would be the first one to totally pack the dance floor.   Even Axl Rose couldn’t resist the steamy lure of the Dreambox.  There was one person who didn’t sing and is in serious trouble for it (Seps, you know who you are).  He does, I just found out, indulge in jello-pit wrestling though.  Next year?? Who else is in the jello-pit?  

And did anyone notice that decorative phallus mushroom on the first floor reception area food and beverage table?  Can someone (Julia Carpenter, perhaps, who was caught on film in an embrace with the mushroom) please explain that?  Really, we should have put a bird on it.

My turn is over.  I didn’t catch all of the behind-the-scenes action, I know that.  Who’s got some more goods?  Comment please.  

Wait, one more thing:  whoever wrote on the dry-erase board with a sharpie by accident, Sheila’s out to get you.   

Author: ellengrover

is a punk at Philadelphia Community Acupuncture and POCA's current membership coordinator. Email her at membership@pocacoop.com.

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  1. No good dirt here

    But I do have a magic fix to permanent marker on a white board.  All my years as a trainer for the fed. govt. left me with a few tricks.  Will call Sheila…:) And in case you’re wondering–write over the offending perm. marker with a true dry erase marker and then wipe them both off at the same time.  Works for normal perm markers.  Hopefully sharpies are not an exception.

    Oh, and I didn’t sing or dance.  Didn’t drink enough for that.  Maybe next year. 

    Nancy S.

  2. Wasn’t it Emma Goldman who said

    if I can’t do a karaoke striptease, I don’t want to be part of your revolution? So there.

  3. actually

    Ms. Goldman said… “Let the hybrids in!” 

    Followed by, “everyone get jiggy in the jello-pit!”


    David L f’ing Ac (my earned title)

  4. and

    I know Skip was wearing it at some point too.  who else?  And the facial hair?  We should have put that on David Kato, obvs.

  5. tell me about it!

    I had quite a few virtual crushes before the CANference, but now that I met people (and danced with them, drank a beer with them, ate lasagne with them…), my crush objects increased – in both quantity and intensity!

    jello wrestling next year.  definitely.

    Julia in Berkeley 

  6. .

    ya, had a big ol’ crush here as well. but where would this wallflower be without wishful thinking….?


    that being said, i’m down for the jello pit next year. in fact, i’ll send invites to national orgs. too. this could be hot!

  7. AND, btw

    I don’t think you get to call yourself a wallflower after that rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, which Whitsitt said was the most punk rock thing he had ever seen.  

  8. Wow!  Sounds like I missed

    Wow!  Sounds like I missed a lot at late night canroake 🙁  next time, next time…… 

    Erica Leaton

    Central Coast Community Acupuncture

    Newport, OR 

  9. that’s funny…

    b/c I also love it when you call me big poppa!  I also love it when you throw your hands in the ai-er like you’s a real player.

  10. tweet tweet

    that’s gotta be you LG.  I will keep that in mind next time I see big poppa.  And you too, Whitsitt.  I don’t even know what I love to be called — I do know, however, that anyone can start texting me, anytime!  I’m waiting.  

  11. ok I have a new nickname

    I am not sure that it’s what I love to be called, but still, some people around here have started referring to me as TCB.  Guess what it stands for:  winner gets a prize at the next shindig (Jessica — you know already so you’re out of the running).  Go!  

  12. tweet tweet

    there you go wielding a bicycle chain.

    being that this is the official people magazine….i mean CANference gossip thread though, i guess being called out will keep it good and juicy. not so sure i need to be called big poppa per se, but just sayin’…


    you looking for more dirt tweets? i might have some good stuff up my sleeve too.


  13. so what *do* you like to be called (besides ct)

    and if you’ve got dirt I’ll take it (subtlety promised, like I said)…  I’ve given up on text messages at this point though.  And btw, why are you not on facebook?  You’re missing lots of little parties.  

  14. you would win a prize for that even though that’s not it

    that is, *if* you had a cell phone and I could text you.  2011, seps, it’s your year to cave.  

  15. my friend Donkey just returned from Montreal

    and asked me if I knew what Poutine was.  He also said their karaoke jockey had a fog machine.  I guess we know where our first international CANference will be.  Who’s going to open a CAP there??  

  16. you’re close… it started out as that.

    but turned into a couple of other things.  You might know what the C could stand for.  

  17. .

    ya, but drama is one of the reasons i’m holding out and refuse to get a  facebook!

    although, now that you mention enneagram, it does seem peculiarly like a 4’s attempt to create even MORE drama by being different, hmmmmmmmmmmm?!


    i say bring the drama here! ya know, for the whole world to see! what’s going on!?

  18. .

    go ahead and get the cell phone david, hold outs on those expired at the end of last year. the Unfriends of Facebook Front(UFF) is the new terrain of the luddite battles.

  19. I like your thinking Seps.

    Josh (I’ll save my new names for you for later)…  

    imagine!  you could take all the credit for David getting a cell phone, right now!  So many people would be so grateful.  You have no idea how many times we have all tried to text him, only to remember, sadly…  oh, right.  no cell phone…  only poutine.  

  20. .

    really? you’ve gone without a cell phone for this long(efin bravo), but all it would take is a one more facebook friend and you’re happily checking to see if you have a new voicemail every 10 minutes…. or maybe doing a little texting while driving, just like that?

    i don’t know if i want to be a part of your downfall, even if i did believe you. ha.


    bring on the names ellen, that’s my favorite game!