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I was announced a winner this week in the StartRight! Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneur’s through the Rockville Economic Department. I’m thrilled because there were 39 entries from MD, DC, and VA.  The other winners were all very high-tech business, some of which had already gone global and acquired over a million dollars in seed-financing…and I have this tiny-little, one-woman-show, community-acupuncture clinic.

Aside from the fun and excitement of winning, and of course the educational opportunities through preparing the business plan and oral presentation, there has been a fabulous amount of public relations resulting from this contest. My clinic was mentioned in the Washington Post’s BizBlog and there’s a lot more PR coming-up with other newspaper articles, community talks, radio and magazine interviews. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to educate consumers about community clinics and the benefits of acupuncture! And a most fabulous benefit has been the explosion of activity at my clinic.

None of the increased patient activity is directly related to the contest (not yet, at least), but I have no doubt it is all resulting from indirect “energy” marketing. In my experience, the patient visits tend to commiserate with the amount of energy swirling around the business. When I have spent more time writing press releases, planning talks for physicians, or creating new patient folders—getting excited and imagining my busy, full clinic—visits all increase exponentially. March’s patient visits were double any previous months’. (I was deliriously joyful all through March because I knew that I was a winner, tho’ I had to keep it a secret!) And this week’s visits look like they’ll again double last month’s weekly average. (My crazed excitement level has been about a 10 on a scale of 1-10 all week long!!!).

It’s such a good Law of Attraction reminder for me—and I hope for others also—that prosperity doesn’t stem from the specific marketing or advertising activities we do, but from the loving and enthusiastic energy we put into our work. The vibrations we infuse in our daily activities ripple-out and draw our community inward. May we all be blessed with joy and passion for the services we provide, and allow the abundance to flow freely back to us…

With Love & Gratitude…Jessica Feltz

Jessica Feltz
Author: Jessica Feltz

<p> I learned about Community Acupuncture while studying at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) in the Spring of 2006 when Lisa Rohleder's first article about her clinic appeared in Acupuncture Today. Coming from a middle-class background myself, I was the only student in my acupuncture class to have not experienced the healing benefits of this medicine prior to beginning studies at MCOM. I couldn't afford it. And my family couldn't understand what I was doing by investing in an education that they didn't perceive to be financially sustainable. </p> <p> The Community Acupuncture model is a perfect fit for me, balancing social justice and taoist simplicity with the patient's innate ability to heal him/herself (with a few gentle nudges from strategically placed needles). I am grateful every day to have found CAN and the love it brings into my life. I want to share that joy by spreading the message about how we can create a new health care experience in our communities through each of our very small efforts...and how those very small efforts can in turn change the world. </p> I enjoy my two sons, my 4 cats, and big stacks of books.  I own and operate...

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  1. What great news!

    I’m so glad for you!  And I couldn’t agree more with your message about the Law of Attraction.  Whoo Hoo!Smile

  2. Good work Jessica!!I noticed

    Good work Jessica!!

    I noticed too how a little public exposure goes a long way.  Our clinic got A LOT busier– in a few weeks time hitting our all time high after a local cable tv show where 2 of us spoke, and a Spanish radio call-in health program.  That coupled with the buzz generated by sending an email to the 200+ patients we have email addresses for, kicked up our patient flow big time.  Now our front desk staff are asking everyone if they want to book several weeks ahead because the schedule is so full.  All this is generating so much excitement in all of us who work at PCA, and the patients feel and benefit from this energy too.  All of this is to reiterate what Jessica wrote.  I don’t think any of our marketing was particularly clever nor polished.  We basically have just been telling folks what we’re doing and the excitement of genuine good intention and the almost unbelievable presence of altruism in cynical times really grabs people. 




  3. I agree 100% with your statement about “energy marketing”.

    After reading Tom Riordan’s post about the wonderful changes after Feng Shui-ing his clinic, I thought about the good things that had befallen me each time after doing some kind of Feng Shui work on my own spaces, and this was using Black Hat style Feng Shui.  I think it’s the energy that you put into it.  And I, too, remember how excited and happy I was, doing these projects.  This is a fantastic reminder of the Law of Attraction and Gratitude.  Thanks for sharing the great news with us.  You Go Girl!


  4. Congratulations!

    Good to hear that you and your one-woman traveling acupuncture show are off and running. I can’t help asking, though, if you went to school at Midwest in Racine, Wi and if you worked for awhile as a student at CORE/El Centro in Milwaukee. I used to be the Volunteer Coordinator there and remember your name. Looks like you’re up and doing your own thing now, spreading the good word. Nice work!

  5. Hi Adrianna!

    Yup, I did go to MCOM in Racine, and I remember you too!  Are you in school now?  (I remember you’d wanted to attend…)  How’s CORE?  Shoot me an e-mail if you have time–I’d love to hear how you and CORE are doing!

    Warmest Regards,

    Jessica Feltz

    The Turning Point

    Frederick, MD