Goodwill Drive Post #2

by Jade Fang

So I have started thinking about POCA every talk I go to. Maybe I am just obsessed with POCA. Maybe I just can't care about things that aren't relevant to my being. Maybe I just have a short attention span. 😉

So I listened to a keynote at the CCMA conference. It was about food.

Coops provide 0.03% of food systems in the US.

What would it look like if coops was 5% of the food system? What would it look like?

So I asked myself what it would look like if POCA could serve 5% of the US population.

Let's google. The population of the US is 313.9 million. Thanks google. 🙂

So let's imagine POCA annual survey 2025. We provide 15 million treatments in the year of 2025.

What does that look like?

Clinics in all 50 states. Clinics in all cities. Multiple clinics in big cities. Probably one clinic per every 30,000-50,000 people. We become the neighborhood church or bar.

Community Acupuncture Clinics everywhere, accessible, available.

This is a fundamental vision change. More clinics will make each of us more sustainable. We cooperate. Not isolated individual stories of success and failure. We don't compete with each other. We help each other succeed.

Well supported clinics with easy access to a small but enough start up funds. Students who have easy access to affordable community acupuncture schools in the west, midwest, and the east.

Politically, legally, and taxation laws that are supportive nationally and locally.

Well connected information network that can instantly inform current and potential patients of their local clinic and new clinics.

Sustainable income for punks so they can live in the neighborhoods they work.

He then asked us “CAN we setup a SYSTEM under which this business can THRIVE?”

We need POCAtech and we need each other to create a new beautiful world with systems that help ALL of us THRIVE not just survive.

He challenged us to stop thinking of individual projects because project thinking does not add to up a system. “We need to design it to put in an cooperative system.” Design it with the Social, Economic, and Ecological aspects.

Then invest in it. So it HAPPENS.

It doesn't need to be economic feasible in the first year. Food coop stores can take 3-4 years to make money and then 3-4 years to pay of the debt.

Focus on the system and WHEN it becomes economically feasible.

So I didn't answer the rest of the questions. I guess I didn't think I'd solve all the world's problems today. 🙂

But I believe POCA is.

POCAtech is. We are.

Invest in POCAtech. Fund POCAtect even if it is as little at $50 a month. Volunteer for POCA and POCAtech. Invest in the future in a system where we can all support each other cooperatively and THRIVE in a beautiful system we can call our own.

Author: lisafer

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