Guest Post: Student Uprising, POCA Tech Style

a guest post by Janis Hill and Rachel Lutz of POCA Tech's Cohort 3

Thank you to everyone who has signed THIS petition to the NCCAOM! We are about 200 signatures shy of reaching 5,000. After we reach the 5K milestone, we are formally sending it to the President of the NCCAOM. If you want more information on NCCAOM's new policies and procedures that were rolled out mid-year, check out Lisa's post HERE.

At first, the NCCAOM's new policies and procedures caused lots of negative feelings and frustration; to be honest, we're still feeling that way. Then we decided to problem solve (otherwise known as sticking it to the man) and as a result, Cohort 3 is working hard to obtain enough clinic hours to apply by August 31st in order to take the board exams as pre-graduates .

Starting September 1st, only graduates can apply to take the board exams. This new policy really affects members of our cohort who won't qualify to apply as a pre-graduates – they will have to wait until next July to apply to the NCCAOM. Adding insult to injury, starting in 2020, board exams will only be offered in 4 testing windows throughout the year. Starting with Cohort 4, students will only be allowed to take board exams once they graduate, and during 4 inconvenient testing windows.

The NCCAOM has told one of our cohort members that continuous testing may never be offered again because not enough people are taking the board exams. Their thought is by limiting the testing more students will follow through and complete all their exams. We don't understand their logic. How is creating a more difficult process going to make more people take their exams?

Elaine has a fantastic post on the Acupuncture Observer that you need to check out. (This one, too.) She details why this new policy is such a bad idea. We're petitioning the NCCAOM in order to help all acupuncture students, current and future. They need to listen to the collective voice opposing their harmful actions.

Please continue sharing the petition,, and voicing your opinion to the NCCAOM (888.831.1140).  If you are on facebook, feel free to join Acupuncture Students Working Together that we created for current acupuncture students and their allies to discuss issues such as this. Because of our organizational skills and initiative, there are over 178 members in the group representing a large portion of various acupuncture schools across the country.

In Solidarity,
Janis + Rachel
Cohort 3

Author: lisafer

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