Hey You! Time to Fill Out the 6th Annual Survey of Clinics!

Hello POCA!  It's time to fill out the 6th Annual Survey of Community Acupuncture Clinics!

This is our chance to speak up about the true health of our clinics: how we are doing , how many patients we've seen, how's our financial health, how many punks work in Community Acupuncture and all the rest. This is where we get CA clinic owners to fill out the survey by clicking on the following linky: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FTWN98P

All answers are confidential. We just report to everyone the combined responses, so clinics can say exactly went down at their clinic last year. We actually try to get as close to a complete census of all the CA clinics as we can,  which in turn helps us to figure out what are the main issues of the day in the world of Community Acupuncture. As such not only POCA clinics are asked to fill it out but any Community Acupuncture clinic including those not part of POCA. We track the answers separately but we want to collect AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE. 

And we have incentives, nay PRIZES to get clinics to fill out this sucker. Check 'em out:

The first clinic to complete the survey will win a free POCA membership for one year.

All clinics that complete the survey will get 1 free POCA patient membership.

All clinics that have completed the survey by March 15, April 15, and May 15 will be entered into multiple drawings for prizes. There will be 2 drawings for completing the survey by March 15. Prizes are: – free one time future POCAfest registration to everyone from the clinic – free one time future POCAfest registration to one person from the clinic (owner’s choice if they can’t go)

There will be 4 drawings for completing the survey by April 15. Prizes are: – 5 free POCA patient memberships to 1 clinic – 5 copies of Noodles signed by the author Lisa Rohleder – 5 copies of Why Did You Put That Needle There? signed by the author Andy Wegman – 5 copies of Fractal signed by the author Lisa Rohleder

There will be 5 drawings for completing the survey by May 15. Prizes are: – 1 copy of Noodles signed by the author Lisa Rohleder – 1 copy of Why Did You Put That Needle There? signed by the author Andy Wegman – 1 copy of Fractal signed by the author Lisa Rohleder – 1 POCA t-shirt – 1 WCA t-shirt

With those prizes how can you not fill it out? I sure can't wait to a) get done typing this blog and b) to finish my needling shift today so I can fill it out.

Oh- If you own more than one clinic, please fill out a survey for each one. You must use a different computer for each survey you fill out. The survey should take oh 10 minutes, tops. Less really. Be sure to have basic financial info at hand, like how much did you gross and net last year as well as how many treatments you did. Have those things and you'll get done lickety-split. As always we will report the results of the survey. Okay! See you on the other side!

Skip Van Meter
Author: Skip Van Meter

Skip is Lead Acupuncturist and Co-Founder of <a href="https://www.workingclassacupuncture.org/" target="_blank">Working Class Acupuncture</a> in Portland, Oregon. With the earlier part of his life spent acquiring knowledge about geology, urban planning and teaching high school, he has now been an acupuncturist for 19 years, using about a 1,750,000 needles poking his patients. He likes all things soccer, has three fabulous sons, the best wife in the world, and a great dog and two cool cats.

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  1. Sent you an email anyway Jenny-just to give you a taste of what the other clinics are gonna get. They are gonna be in so much PAIN.

  2. All done with both clinics. Had dueling laptops in order to do them. I will miss Skip’s emails so feel free to bug me too.

  3. I will bug the hell out of you Kerri.

    I won’t do this every day, or most days but the totals after day 1 of the survey are: 20 clinics responded. They reported doing together 141,119 treatments, a 31.2% increase for those 20 from last year. That’s fantastic!

  4. Done!

    Every year at survey time I’m reminded that the basis of my devotion to POCA is not just the ideological side of doing what’s right for people – increasing access, dismantling systems that don’t work for anyone but the people at the top, one tiny piece at a time, but also the clear-eyed pursuit of the information that tells us what works and what doesn’t.

    And man, I cannot wait for us to cross that million treatment mark!

  5. Mine’s done, though I did consider waiting a while because I’ve never gotten one of Skip’s Patented, Pain-producing, Poke-in-the-ass emails, which sound like a whole lot of fun.

  6. As of today, the 5th day of the survey, 65 clinics has so far answered.
    – Those 65 clinics performed 372,280 treatments last year which is about half of the total number of treatments we got in our survey last year.

    – 18 of the responding clinics did not fill out the survey last year. All but four of those couldn’t fill it out last year because they opened in 2013. Collectively those 18 clinics did 24,270 treatments. The four clinics that were open previous to 2013 saw about half of that 24,270-which makes sense because many of the newly opened clinics opened very late in the year and saw just a few hundred each.

    – Minus those clinics that reported for the first time this year, that leaves 348,010 treatments performed from the other clinics. Last year those clinics performed 282,938 treatments, which is collectively a 65,072 increase or a growth rate of 23%.

    – Last year, 177 clinics responded so we got a long way to go before we get final numbers.