If Dear Abby & Reddit’s AMA had a love-child: POCA’s Ask Uncle Andy

If you're like me, working as an acu-punk brings opportunity to answer many and various questions – from folks visiting clinic, from one's own co-workers and colleagues and of course from the generally acu-curious. 

So many questions in fact, I wrote a little book to make it easier on us to take on this specific work (honk! honk!).

Thus, in the spirit of that title, let us start a PPP 'Ask Uncle Andy' column, shall we?  I'd like to welcome any questions related to acupuncture, clinic life, the POCA-world or the big world beyond, for that matter.  Lay them on me via email and I'll answer honestly, if not with uncommon candor. Just make sure, we can write about them on these pages.

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Without further adieu, our first question comes to us from the great city of Akron, Ohio.

Dear Uncle Andy,

I'm a new acu-punk and I find I'm having trouble answering a question that's coming up quite often from my patients: How long have you been practicing acupuncture?

I'm wanting to be honest, but fear telling them 'for less than a year' isn't going to engender a bunch of confidence.




(Oy, what a boring first question. Okay then, let's get on with it…)

Dear Noobalicious,

Here's my usual answer to this question.  God willing, you'll get asked this question numerous times for years to come. I still do, 15 years on.


Clinic-goer: So, how long have you been doing this?

Me: Today?  Since 9am.


(rimshot, Fozzy-style)

Author: andy-wegman

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  1. HaHa! I snorted. What a great answer, this was always something that I felt weird about esp in my first few years of practice. Probably a by product of so much “Master” worship in Acu Sckool. Thanks Uncle Andy!

  2. El Hefe,

    can I still ask you questions in the punk cave, or shall I put them all in writing for your new blog?

  3. Thanks to those who’ve written in with questions so far. I’ll be answering them after POCAFest in Nashville.

    Keep in mind, you should be prepared to see your questions on this PPP blog along with my response. In other words, if your question is not meant for public consumption, don’t ask Uncle Andy.