“In Essentials, Unity” and re Sensitivity

“In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty…”

The essentials of community acupuncture are : an affordable sliding scale (ranging from $15 – $40 per treatment) and treatments in a group setting. And (to be listed on LOC) being open enough days of the week (at least 3) so patients who need it can have frequent and regular treatments. CA business owners  are agreed on this.

Where  some disagreements arise on the CAN site, as I see it, are in  non-essentials. Community acupuncturists are independent business-owners. As long as the essentials are in place, there really is no reason for anyone outside a particular practice to criticize or judge how the bu-owner is conducting his/her practice. CA practices are not franchises, so there are no written agreements or contracts signed before starting up a CA office.

All that criticisms and judgments from those outside of a practice may accomplish is resentment, not just on the part of the party/ies involved, but on the part of others who may side with one or the other. Someone charging $100. for one bag of raw herb Px may be seen as being unethical.  It is really not the place of an employee at one practice to write that a very successful CANer in another practice may be unethical in how he or she runs the herbal portion of the practice, as long as they’re still affordable. It is certainly  not the place of said employee to be LECTURING said bu-owner.

Agreeing to disagree on non-essentials would seem to be the way to go.

Re: sensitivity. There were several comments following the recent disagreements on an earlier blog about one of the parties being overly sensitive. Sensitivity is an inborn trait. It is part of one’s being, one’s personality, part of the make-up of a person. Telling someone to not be so sensitive is like telling a tall person to stop being so tall. (Recommended reading: the book “The Highly Sensitive Person”, 1st published 1996, by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.). 

Author: davidv

Have been practicing community acup. since early 2008. Solo acupuncturist. No employee. Previous employments in Home Audio retail sales and Insurance claims.

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