Love your coop, Work for your coop

Over the years, the predominate way that projects have come about in POCA is when needs are identified. “If you have found a need, then congratulations, you've found yourself a job.” It's a good system. So many creative projects have been accomplished through this motto:
POCA Calendars
Jello Wrestling
Award winning toasters
Puppet shows and Sliding Scale Dancers
Surveys and Data Granularity
CEU classes
Passports and MORE……

I have been lucky as a volunteer. I did not create my first POCA volunteer gig. Someone created Welcome Wagon a few years before I was asked to take over. I don't actually know whose original idea it was. After two years, I ask POCA Tech student, Peter Frey, aka MVPeter, to take over. For a year or tow, I lead volunteer orientations online and at POCAfests. It was Mary Margaret Dobson, who identifyed the need for volunteer orientations and created the original outline.

Over the years, many of you have asked if POCA could have a online bulletin board for POCA volunteer jobs. The idea is a good one, but most of us didn't know how to make that happen. It takes work to create jobs and job descriptions and to identify needs. After a few years of practice We have the POCA volunteer task list.

This was brought to you by POCA volunteers Justine Meyers, Nicole Maniez, and Wade Phillips. Oh, and I wrote the original draft for the list. If you come up with other ideas, please submit them.  Ideas can be submitted to Justine at

The volunteer jobs list is full of long term and short term projects. It ranges for the ultra technical to the super simple. We have so many creative patients and punks who love this co-op as much as the small most dedicated group of volunteers. Let's get more hands on deck. Please take a look at the list. Find a task, or even create a task if you don't see it mentioned.

So, Valentine's Day is coming. What better way to express your love and creativity than by appling it to the Coop.

Author: Roppy

MAS super-punk since 2010

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