New article about CA in California Journal of Oriental Medicine

I posted this in the Forums, but thought I’d re-post here in order to give more folks access. This article is called:
How Community Clinics Can Transform
and was written by my business partner, Pam Chang, of the Yes! / Utne fame. It is a very good very detailed overview of the Community Acupuncture business model / movement. She worked really hard on this piece and I think it came out well. There are lots of quotes / testimonials from patients and practitioners.

I have not figured out a way to attach a PDF file here, but if the link above does not work for you, it can be downloaded either from the Marketing forum here: (if you are a CAN member) or from our clinic website links page here:

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  1. thank you Pam

    Excellent article. Thanks for all the time you obviously put into it. One very minor piece of critical feedback….I feel compelled to challenge – what may be only semantic misunderstanding on my part – but it just struck a dissonant chord in me when you wrote:

    “community acupuncture, with its low sliding scale fees,
    addresses a growing and barely-tapped economic niche”. Perhaps you meant “economic niche” in relation to the overall health care economy – yes, acupuncture is a niche in that respect.

    But if you compare the market in America for CA at $15-$35 per treatment, to the market for traditional treatments at $65 and up….the latter would seem to be more rightly deserving of the “niche” label.

    All true religions seek to gain access to that level of consciousness which is not ego-bound.</

  2. Really nice…

    I also thought the article was very well done. All the different points of view – CA practitioners, senior acupuncturists, patients – all lent to a nice overlay of CA experiences.

  3. Great Job Pam!

    I just finished reading Pam’s article and thought it was a fantastic representation of what we’re about. Thank you for submitting it.

  4. Distributing the article to a wider audience

    I printed off  copies of this article and gave them out to a group of high school students who came into the clinic this morning to learn about acupupuncture.

    The first question asked was “I am I allowed to stretch out in the recliner?”  Go for it!

    Well, they learned more about acupuncture.  I did a demonstration on their teacher.  Talked about what we theorize what acupuncture does, but it is all still vague and mysterious.  And then I talked about CAN.

    I also gave them a reading list of websites, blogs, and books and coupons to come back for a free treatment (if under 18, they must come back with their parent)  Before they left I booked an appointment for a young patient to see my business partner tomorrow afternoon. 

    And we just keep growing!

    Love, Elizabeth

    P.S. just to support the article.  Sam and I got started this summer.  At the time I was treating 4 people a week out a room in my home and charging on a slidig scale of $40-$65.  I still do massage work on the side, but this week I will do 24 acupuncture treatments.