New POCA member benefit — Sharps Disposal, Pick Up & more…

fellow POCA members,

Our cooperative has a new member benefit that directly affects day to day clinic expenses in a good way—discounted sharps pick–up and delivery service!

Stericycle is offering all POCA clinics a 20% discount off of the ground floor price of your local service area. This is a good deal for any acupuncture clinic. What makes the relationship with Stericycle extra special is that they understand POCA’s staying power and want to do business with us over the long haul. With long term business relations in mind, Stericycle has offered a deeper discount POCA wide once enough clinics are already using the service. So, sign up when your current sharps contract is over and compare pricing for this company. Let’s move toward a deeper discount in sharps services as soon as possible.

The folks at Stericycle have many aspects of their business that benefit POCA clinics:
•       Strong leader in the industry of sharps management
•       Whole business is focused on medical waste management and heath care compliance. This means Stericycle manages the disposal of acupuncture sharps as well as the OSHA requirements around blood borne pathogens in acu clinics. They stay up to date with all OSHA requirements so we can focus on patient care.
•       The only sharps company in the US that services nationwide and owns all of their service facilities and equipment in each state. Your sharps truck driver lives where you do. Local ownership means supporting local business.
•       Mail back sharps service is the best option for Nevada and Hawaii; yet, the vast majority of US states are available for sharps pick up service
•       Price for service depends on the service area of your clinic

To get a quote for your clinic service area, call or email POCA's super helpful sharps service representative:

Rick Barnhill
Stericycle, Inc.
Direct: (847) 943-6515
Fax: (800) 915-4189

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  1. This is great! I’ve been wanting to switch from mail-in for awhile! Yay for collective bargaining (so to speak)!

  2. if you are already a Stericycle customer, they are happy to honor the 20% discount for POCA. Call the POCA rep and he will help you figure it out.

  3. Agree with acupunkgirl! We’re starting up and using a cobbled together grouping of sharps boxes, mostly purchased during school. This is one of our remaining missing pieces. Perfect timing Moses!
    Thanks so much!
    Amy and Jill

  4. glad to hear folks are into this. It’s nice to think that this type of business relationship will sweeten with age!

  5. checking in on this. is everyone still happy with this company? my quote was $16/month. does that sound about right?