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For all of you familiar with 'Needles' – not to be confused with 'Noodles' – a brand new, updated version of the little book is now available! With cover art by POCA worker and Ad Astra punk Nick Kurtz! 

Why Did You Put That Needle There? The Expanded Second Edition presents a down-to-earth question and answer cycle aimed at folks who are newly discovering acupuncture themselves or for punks who struggle to answer similar questions.  It's chock full of questions most people want to know the answers to – including questions specific to Community Acupuncture. 
We decided to write an updated version as a bunch of readers over the years have made terrific suggestions for additional questions not covered in the original. (Also, we needed to update the CAN chapter!)
Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and questions. I think it has ultimately made for a more useful book.

Speaking of which, thanks to translation work by Christina Guzman and additonal editing by Gabriela Ramirez-Darris and some hustling by Nora Madden at Detroit Community Acupuncture, we also have a Spanish version available! – ¿Por qué pusiste esa aguja allí?

For the time being the Spanish version will only be avilable as a free download on the Manch Acu-Studio website. See below for more info.  We'll be working on getting a paperback version together in the near future.

So, there are three ways you can find copies of 'Needles.2':
1) Paperback versions are available on Amazon at $8/copy. (You may also still see the orginal version for sale for a short time. Scroll down until you see the Expanded Second Edition.)
2) If you are wanting five (5) or more copies, say to have available for sale at your shop (we've sold 3,000+ copies to clinics who do just that), we'll continue to offer wholesale pricing of $5/copy with proceeds from each book coming back to POCA.  
Email me through our website to place a wholesale order, and we will take good care of you.
3) If you or anyone else you know would like to either download a free copy (.pdf or audio file) or host a link to these free copies on your website, please feel free.  This book was written to be read and shared. 
Keep in mind, 'Needles' was published under a creative commons license. So, we'd appreciate being credited and not having the book remixed, if you do decide to link to it.
And for gawd's sake if you like the book, please let people know by giving it a good review on Amazon.
Also, if readers of Needles.2 have any suggestions for future questions or features, please email me to let me know.
Finally, Hand model, POCA membership coordinator and PCA punk extraordinaire Cris Monteiro and I will be teaching a 2-Day CA 101 Workshop @ DeLand Community Acupuncture in sunny DeLand, FL over January 26th & 27th.
Don't miss out or let your classmates or colleagues miss out. 
Author: andy-wegman

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  1. nice! now I can finish the rest of my shift with De La Soul in my head. oh yeah, the new book is cool too.

  2. Thanks so very much for the Spanish version.
    English is a 2nd language for many patients at our clinic, and I have already copied it for use tomarrow!

  3. Oh audio version read by Andy! Complete with atmospheric beats during the transitions.