POCA Is Throwing a Data Party and All Acupuncturists Are Invited!

POCA’s parties are famous, or maybe infamous depending on your perspective. When we were young and wild we had jello wrestling. Now that we’re grown up (lol), we’re having a Job Task Analysis.

What’s a JTA? It’s a survey, based on the idea that the people who are actually doing and directly supervising a given job are in the best position to understand its requirements and to describe it. POCA (through POCA Tech) contracted with an actual psychometrics firm, Measurement Incorporated, to guide us in designing and implementing this survey, so it’s the real deal. Acupuncture is such a diverse, heterogeneous practice, that it’s important to hear from lots of different acupuncturists — especially those who are part of minority traditions — about how they are doing their jobs. And we’re asking things in our Job Task Analysis that haven’t been asked in previous surveys, things that we think it’s really important for the acupuncture profession to know about itself.

If you wonder if you’re really part of the acupuncture profession, we need you to fill out this survey. (This goes double if you feel under-represented due to your practice style. Represent!)

If you’re sure you’re part of the acupuncture profession, we need you to fill it out too.

And if you used to be part of the acupuncture profession but aren’t any more, your input and data are just as valuable and we really want to hear from you.

We will publish the anonymized results of this survey on our website devoted to the JTA, so that all acupuncturists can benefit from having access to this data. (We heart transparency. Also, data. That’s why we’re throwing this party.) We estimate that the survey only takes about 20 minutes for most people, so a small amount of your time turns into a big contribution.

And yes, there’s an incentive: a coupon that gets you a free class that qualifies for 3 NCCAOM Ethics CEUs (and 3 Category 2 California CEUs).

Click here to DO THE JTA!!!

 And please tell all your acupuncturist friends! We will be posting updates here on the blog. If there's anything you want to talk about related to the JTA — comments, questions, feedback — please see this thread. Thanks!

Author: lisafer

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  1. POCA’s still got it in the party department! Our data party started off with 242 people answering the survey, which is a fantastic response for an allegedly data-allergic profession. Comrades, you can get the daily totals, with some extra juicy data, here: https://www.pocacoop.com/forums/viewthread/8742/