Points for NCCAOM

I have something nice to say about NCCAOM, namely Connie Heggood, the CEU records person for NCCAOM.  After I turned in my recert docs, she sent a message pointing out that I was missing the 3 credits for Ethics.  I sent a message back referring her to the CLIMB workshop last year that gave us all 3 credits for Ethics.  She called me back after I learned of a death in my family and was hustling to organize a trip back to be with the family, and said that those 3 Ethics credits weren’t detailed in the certificate of completion from CLIMB.  I told her I’d get on it, but explained my situation and that I was going to do it after the funeral, etc.  She told there was no hurry on it, and I had till end of December this year.

I emailed WCA and asked for some help with this, then left for 4 days.  When I returned, WCA had answered my question, referring me to Sheila Messerschmidt at CLIMB (remember her?  we loved her!).  I put that on the back burner since I didn’t have the time to do this yet.  But 2 days later, Connie sent me a message saying that she’d tracked Sheila down and got it all clarified, so I was approved for certification for another 4 years and would soon receive my card.  What a nice surprise.

I just had to share this with you.

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