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I have something nice to say about NCCAOM, namely Connie Heggood, the CEU records person for NCCAOM.  After I turned in my recert docs, she sent a message pointing out that I was missing the 3 credits for Ethics.  I sent a message back referring her to the CLIMB workshop last year that gave us all 3 credits for Ethics.  She called me back after I learned of a death in my family and was hustling to organize a trip back to be with the family, and said that those 3 Ethics credits weren’t detailed in the certificate of completion from CLIMB.  I told her I’d get on it, but explained my situation and that I was going to do it after the funeral, etc.  She told there was no hurry on it, and I had till end of December this year.

I emailed WCA and asked for some help with this, then left for 4 days.  When I returned, WCA had answered my question, referring me to Sheila Messerschmidt at CLIMB (remember her?  we loved her!).  I put that on the back burner since I didn’t have the time to do this yet.  But 2 days later, Connie sent me a message saying that she’d tracked Sheila down and got it all clarified, so I was approved for certification for another 4 years and would soon receive my card.  What a nice surprise.

I just had to share this with you.

Author: lumiel

I earned a B.A. in Hotel/Restaurant Admin, but soon realized that I wanted to do something more meaningful.  Became interested in nutrition and education when pregnant with my first child. Interest in health led me to becoming a foot reflexologist, which led to a massage practice and suddenly discovering the love of my life: Chinese medicine! Practicing for 18 years, Hawaiian/Californian, acu-educated PCOM San Diego/OCOM Portland. Started my CAP in <a href="https://www.communityacu.com/" target="_blank">San Rafael</a>, Marin County, July 4, 2006, even while earning my doctorate at OCOM.  This didn't seem to make sense, but it was my way of comparing the old way of practicing acupuncture to a simpler, truer expression of what I had learned in school.  I love it. And I love being a part of this grand movement to change the world by being true to our conscience. Reopened all over again when I moved to a place where no one had ever heard of me. 3 months open so far, and just beginning to meet expenses. I have no doubt this will succeed and I will be hiring by next year.

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