Professional Organization Development

A little over a year ago, POCA was just a glint in the eye of a few people.  Now, just a year later, POCA is a professional organization in the eyes of AAAOM and NCCAOM, and as Spike pointed out AAAOM cancelled their conference for lack of participation while POCA's conference sold out a couple of months early.

Yeah, I think that's all I wanted to say.  Thank you to the people who thought up this beautiful, worthy organization; and thank you to the people who keep building it every day;  and to those legions who will be joining in the next couple of months – sincere thanks.

Author: MMDobson

POCA Membership Coordinator and retired punk from Summerville Community Acupuncture, now living in St Petersburg, FL I have 4 Miniature Pinschers, a John Deere tractor, and a big family that lives throughout the South. Life is good.

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Conference Keynote: Breaking the Ceiling

The theme for this conference is “Breaking Barriers”. You know, there are so many barriers to break in acupuncture that it was really hard to choose which ones to talk about for this speech. But since I’ve spent so much time talking about classism as a barrier, I thought it might be fun to shift gears a little and talk about numbers.


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  1. Yea professional orginization development! Things are getting more and more interesting around here all the time. Next big step: [url=”/forums/viewthread/4752/”] Co-ordinated membership drive[/url]…