Public Love & Thanks from the Liberation Acupuncture Workshop

The purpose of this blog post is to send out some public love and thanks generated by POCA Tech's workshop, Liberation Acupuncture and Community-Based Integrative Medicine.

First, lots of love and thanks to our sponsor, CareOregon! And special thanks to Population Health Integration Supervisor and WCA Board member, Lisa Achilles, for spending Friday morning with us.

And to the POCA Events Circle, for helping to sponsor this very experimental event.

Thanks to Wasatch Community Acupuncture who helped with some scholarships for folks who needed them.

Thanks to the amazing crew of punklings, led by Betony Jacobs of Cohort 2, who managed all the workshop logistics of spaces, registration, and food.

Thanks to punklings Zelda and Rebecca for filming.

Thanks to everyone who shared on a panel, and to the Movement Building Circle for all their organizing and presenting work, and to Cris and Shelby from Membership Circle for leading the discussion about POCA moving into the future.

Here's a forum thread about program content, with some excellent notes shared by Tatyana and Sierra-Maria:

Here's the first of a series of videos from the workshop:

Here’s some feedback from workshop participants:

“such deep gratitude to all the pioneers of public-health-partnership- and movement-building!”

“I’m so thankful CareOregon has supported truly revolutionary pilot programs to deliver effective care efficiently via community acupuncture clinics”

“thank you to Lisa Achilles of CareOregon for coming out and sharing her experience and expertise. I’m so grateful for all the work you put in to making a relationship between WCA and CareOregon”

Some things people learned:

“vouchers are brilliant for enhancing accessibility”

“relationships move at the speed of trust”

“public health partnerships can be easier than I thought”


“barriers to care can be reworked/dissolved/left behind with imagination, love, and a commitment to serving needs”

Thanks to every one of the 50+ folks who participated. We're looking forward to doing it again next year!

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