Speaking of Group Qi…

Has anybody else seen this video?

Be sure to click “watch in high quality” right underneath the video.

My favorite comment on YouTube about it: “This is just so ridiculous — so why am I crying?” 


I think I might have to use it, plus Justine’s post, to explain why I love community acupuncture. Or I might just keep watching it over and over.

Author: lisafer

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Conference Keynote: Breaking the Ceiling

The theme for this conference is “Breaking Barriers”. You know, there are so many barriers to break in acupuncture that it was really hard to choose which ones to talk about for this speech. But since I’ve spent so much time talking about classism as a barrier, I thought it might be fun to shift gears a little and talk about numbers.


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  1. This video

    plus the book Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken give me hope!  🙂

  2. Thanks, Lisa

    As Tom Waits character in Down By Law says, it’s a sad, beautiful world.

  3. Dancing

    Makes me smile everytime. And that ain’t a bad thing.


    Dr. Rose


  4. crying videos

    As long as we are on the topic of vidoes that make us cry…here’s a short one that moved some happy/sad Chi.


    true religions seek to gain access to that level of consciousness which
    is not ego-bound.

  5. I can’t help it

    I keep crying when I see Matt’s video too.


    Here’s his website:


  6. love it

    can’t stop watching it – there’s a few more scenes in the outtakes vid with Matt dancing with children and there is so much laughter! it’s contagious

  7. it is so amazing to hear

    it is so amazing to hear other folks say they cried when they watched the video. Sometimes I think I am soooo weird for reacting in these ways and then I read what my community feels and I feel connected.

     Thanks Lisa for all you have done and continue to do to help create this amazing community of acupuncturists.


    It heals my heart in many ways