Spreading the word and tearing down walls


Well it seems like my article from 2 months ago really started to move the qi around here… Yesterday I counted 17 emails from Israeli acupuncturists from all over the country who contacted me asking for more information on the CA model. Several others phoned me directly. I lost track of who I spoke to and when.

What I really like about this is not only the feeling of being a deliverer of a message and igniting the spark of change, but also the fact that this could be the beginning of the tearing down of some major walls of isolation within the profession and without. It feels like we acupuncturists might actually start speaking to each other (good Lord!)…forming connections and working together. I’m making it a point of being as generous as I can with giving out information, tips, samples of brochures I made, etc… and I think this is a new kind of spirit that meets a little surprise on the part of some.

I counted the emails because I want to make a list of all those who are interested in community acupuncture, so we can all gather together in the future.

The power of many is a greater power, as CAN has shown.

Hope to have some really interesting updates for you fellow CANers in the near future..!

Good Sabbath to ya’all..!


Author: royg

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  1. connections

    So interesting. I can’t wait to hear how it goes making contact with one another in Isael. And, isn’t it liberating, and a whole lot more effective, to act with simply  generosity and openness. I’m finding that, at least in this country and in this economy, I have to KEEP deciding to act in that spirit and lead by example, in the face of other kinds of confused vibes who come our way in persons “interested” in community acupuncture. I have to keep remembering that I am, of course, carrying around my own confused stuff: about facing classism and racism and about what it means to be succesful, and even about the role of an acupuncturist. We need each other to figure it out.


    Korben Perry

    Philadelphia Community Acupuncture

  2. This is so good to hear!

    Our goup in the Twin Cities, MN is growing.  At the last meeting we had 18 ppl there (biggest yet) and all wanted a meeting soon.  The reason: getting to talk with other acupucnturists and share information, get support, not walk alone.  Even if you can only get together in person rarely, having the phone and e mail support is so much more than most acupuncturists have had.  I think we all long for the school days where we were all learning and had our friends who talked our language.  CA brings that back, apparently across cultures.  I love this.  Part of this community acupuncture movement is bring community to the acupuncturists. 🙂

  3. So good to hear that things

    So good to hear that things are moving in your neck of the woods. I think that ending the isolation that most acupuncturist feel is a major part of making this profession successful. isn’t is just more fun to do this with other people? Kol ha kavod!

  4. good ideas sprout more

    Our old acu-school which went under in Seattle several years ago just sprouted a group (NIAOM) a few days on Facebook. All this talk about talking gives me an idea – to start by asking how all these acupunks on the NIAOM group are doing, if they are satisfied, what kind of practice, etc. and invite a little dialogue. Thanks Roy!