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Well folks, I finally “came out of the closet” so to speak. Last month I was asked to write an article in one of the most important websites for practitioners of Chinese medicine in Israel about my experience with CA. It’s a website mainly for graduates of the field, but many senior practitioners write there and it serves as a platform for finding out about seminars, new articles, books and interesting cases, and is mainly a way to stay in touch with what’s going on and with each other.

The reactions and comments were amazing. Many were very happy to hear about this model. Being quite a newbie to CA (as far as practical experience goes) it felt a little weird to be the one to give advice to many practitioners who were quite moved by the whole concept. Some heard of it before, but were happy to hear that someone is actually doing it and wanted to hear more. Others felt it was like a breath of fresh air to them. It definitely struck a chord with many, and I felt utterly happy to be the one to deliver the message.

On the site’s blog I had further discussions and debates. One practitioner perhaps defended the BA way too strongly, and the fact that she mentioned considering doing CA kind of gave her away… But she did have some good points. One was about frequency of treatments – the fact that some who practice ancient Chinese medicineuse only one needle every 3 weeks and still get results. Or that many prefer the privacy of one-on-one. I could only reiterate what I said many times: whatever works for you… and that goes to practitioners and patients. The healing process is mysterious and personal. It’s just that acupuncture has the advantage of creating a healing process for many in a short time… so take it from there and decide what you want…

The amount of feedback I got felt like there was a sigh of relief coming across – many practitioners I think were appreciative of the fact that their problems are real, that there is nothing necessarily wrong with them….. It was like what I felt when I first read Lisa’s words. I had many questions regarding the nuts and bolts, and encouraged them all to check out CAN and The Remedy. Others were intrigued by Jingei.

I’m still working slowly on my twice-a-week CA in the community center here. Some bureaucratic issues are slowing me down lately, but that’s okay. I’m gaining the experience I need, one way or the other.

But stirring up the conversation here……damn that felt good!

I have to end this with a nike ad I saw yesterday that I just love:

“Not fitting in, gave me a reason to stand out”………

Author: royg

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  1. Wonderful!

    I’m so glad you took the risk to “come out” about CA.  Won’t it be fun to watch other clinics pop up!?

  2. Marley would be proud!

    I’m sure the old reggae master would pull you up on stage and dance to your community activity! It’s fantastic to hear of this calm revolution wandering out into other countries. Thank you for bravely stepping out.

    “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
    None but ourselves can free our mind.”

  3. Good to hear

    Hi Roy,

    It is great that you are starting to build community in Israel. I am excited to see how things shape over there. All the more reason we could use some virtual trainings/webinars.



  4. that “sigh of relief”

    Good work, Roy, going out and sharing that feeling, even when you weren’t sure you were the person to do it (kind of like Moses? – the biblical one I mean, not the Portland acusk8punk).

    It’s good medicine to share your experience with practitioners, to relieve them from their sense of isolation and stress – even as we work to relieve our patients’ senses of isolation and stress.  

  5. Roy, that is GREAT

    we at WCA even got some emails from someone named Yael who manages a TCM site in Israel — she wanted to know about marketing and community acupuncture. She said she had never seen anything like the recent discussion around CA. Nice work moving the qi there, comrade.

  6. Yeah, she manages the site

    Yeah, she manages the site that published my article. I’m grateful to her for giving CA such a major exposure…

  7. That’s me! That’s me! hehehe

    Wow, thanks for the great PR Roy. I’m honored.

    And yes, Roy’s article was one of the most popular we have EVER had on our website, Sinit (Chinese in Hebrew, which serves as an alumni center for the Chinese Medicine community in Israel, offering information that can help individauls grow and the community as a group to grow stronger and better).

    Roy definitly made a difference, and with our new project, I have a feeling he will become a very important figure in the Israeli community where CA is concerned.