Three’s Good Company

…wanted to share an interesting story unfolding at clinic…

One month ago we had the pleasure of meeting a sweet 19 y.o young man named Ted who'd been diagnosed with a refractory seizure condition – basically a state of near-constant petit mal activity every day, all day. Ted's family became aware of the seizures when he was a pre-teen, soon followed by an official diagnosis, a litany of medication trials and neurological tests throughout the next 10+ years.

He arrived with his Mom & Dad who were referred by a family friend who comes to the shop. We suggested Ted come in for treatment 3 days a week for 6 weeks as a trial period to see where treatment took things for him.

After a smooth initial couple of treatments, he returned with his two siblings – one older, one younger – also wanting to be treated along with their brother for separate concerns – but both related to steady anxiety and depression.

Although he had appeared at relative ease previously, it quickly became clear to me Ted rested a whole lot more deeply with the presence of his siblings nearby. And although it took them a treatment or two themselves to sink into things, they also eventually became sleepy as would be expected of any clinic visitor.

Over the course of the next few weeks no one missed a visit. A recent catch-up session with Ted's Mom, a health care provider by trade, was revealing…

Jane recounted both she and her husband had noticed marked and consistent reduction in Ted's seizure activity. She described herself as 'incredulous', mentioning it took a week or more to 'admit to herself' this was possible. Incidentally, both of Ted's siblings had apparently also been really happy with their experiences thus far – although one may not know it by their unfaltering poker faces.

Jane's mention of 'an ease' within their household 'that has been absent for many years', stuck with me.

I can also attest to our clinic/house feeling more content when this family comes to visit the shop together.

Author: andy-wegman

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  1. a timely story

    I just had a boyfriend/girlfriend come in together this morning- their “acupuncture date.”  J started coming in for her treatments, and soon got her boyfriend B to come in – but their schedules kept clashing, so they never were able to be treated together.  They both really enjoy their treatments and the results, but being treated side by side was really icing on the cake for them.

    I have lots of these pairs (or even 3’s or 4’s) that come together to get treatment – husband/wives, sisters, mothers/daughters, friends – it’s always nice having family and friends in the community room.

    Just loved your story of another miracle of acupuncture – those are the best! 

  2. That’s a lovely image

    That’s a lovely image Andy. 

    This week I had a couple with their one month old baby.  I had been treating mom for infertility and ended up seeing her off and on right up to delivery day.  Besides her and her wife, I had two of their closest friends along.  We had about four generations in just 8 cozy lazy-boys. 

    Michael Victoria, BC

    “sing’in rooty toot toot for the moon!”

  3. lovely story

    it’s one thing to think “people aren’t really separate from each other” but it’s an entirely different thing when you actually SEE it. How cool.

    “You know how people always say there’s a reasonable explanation for things like this? Well, there isn’t.” Daniel Pinkwater, The Neddiad

  4. I’m enjoying this thread. 

    I’m enjoying this thread.  Today I had a couple come in for a treatment before heading off for their wedding! 

    Michael Victoria, BC

    “sing’in rooty toot toot for the moon!”

  5. frequent family treatments….

    I copied your story out to share with folks at hillsdale wca clinic. I expect it to encourage clients just knowing an experience outside their own. thanks.