Time to Make Friends!

(outside of the acupuncture profession)

That’s the theme of our upcoming June 1-2 workshop in PDX.  It’s all about relationship-building, reaching out, and cultivating partnerships and alliances among like-minded people and organizations — who are often more friendly to community acupuncture than some of our, ahem, colleagues. The seed of the idea for this workshop was first planted almost a year ago, when some NADA organizers reached out to us about connecting POCA and NADA through upcoming meetings. Since NADA was having a regional meeting in Portland, it seemed like a good opportunity to get together.

Extra Special Thanks to WCA’s public health partner, CareOregon, who is generously sponsoring POCA’s workshop!

Here’s a review of what’s happening, with some key details:

When and Where:

Friday June 1 and Saturday June 2 is the POCA workshop/POCA Tech fundraiser at Taborspace

(which some of you will remember as the site of our Big Damn Clinic workshop back in 2012): 5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215

Sunday, June 3rd, NADA is holding their regional meeting at the Quest Center for Integrative Health, 2901 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214.

The overlapping event between NADA and POCA is a dinner on Saturday night June 2 at Taborspace. It’s $20, and you can sign up for it on the NADA website. This is SEPARATE from the POCA workshop


In a couple of weeks, we’ll have more details from NADA about the agenda for their Sunday June 3rd meeting, for POCA folks who are thinking about attending that too.

More Schedule Info:

Friday morning features a panel of POCA members from around the country describing public health partnerships that they’ve undertaken, some of which have worked out great, some of which…didn’t. Examples include a hospital, an opioid treatment program, a community health center, and a state health plan.

Friday afternoon features the work of POCA’s new Movement Building Circle, including the results of their survey about how POCA clinics are partnering with other social justice organizations.

Friday night there will be a party — stay tuned for details.

Saturday morning features a discussion about the evolving role of POCA Clinic members in the co-op. Spoiler alert: this is not just for the governance nerds in the co-op. No matter who you are, we think you’ll find this very interesting.

Saturday morning also features another panel of POCA members talking about the work they’ve done with NADA members in multiple states. Wondering about teaming up with NADA in your state? This is for you!

Saturday afternoon we’ll be working in small groups according to areas of specific interest.

then Saturday evening is dinner with NADA! Afterwards we hope to set up a tour of the POCA Tech classroom space for anybody who is interested, stay tuned for details!


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  1. Quick question — why is NADA dinner registration charging $8 additional for “shipping” — what are they shipping? I thought we were just paying for dinner? That’s a 40% service fee — seems kinda steep.

  2. Will any of the discussion on Friday be recorded? I bought my ticket a long time ago for this weekend, arriving Friday night.

  3. 2 questions, 2 answers:

    1) Dinner: NADA office says thanks for bringing that to our attention! Website formatting problem; they will fix it.

    2) Recording: Yes! Our hope is to tape as much of the workshop as possible and post it on POCA Tv. We have taping lined up for Friday and are working on Saturday (though the small group work will not be taped).

    Looking forward to seeing you all!