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  1. I hope it’s ok to share this document more widely, because it is awesome. Too bad, I am doing it whether you like it or not 🙂

  2. Comrades, you are sweet! Tatyana, if you can wait just a month, the kind folks at JCM would appreciate it. The way they do things, the magazine and the authors share copyright. They are asking me to keep it out of the public sphere until the print copy of the magazine gets distributed, which will be by the end of March. Then we can do whatever we want with the article. Contrast this generous and enlightened editorial policy with AT’s — where the copyright is all theirs. And where, ALSO, they won’t print a damn word I write. Give JCM some love on my behalf and hold your horses, please.

  3. Good article. For me, it got better as it went on. For me a line that really stood out was
    “Any long- term clinician who is honest with herself will admit that the same strategies mostly work over and over.”

    To me, it’s about honesty. Being honest about ourselves, being honest about our profession, what we know (very little) and what we don’t (a great deal) about how acupuncture really works. Being honest that we’re just a paving-stone of someone’s road to recovery, that we’re not so special, and that we’re here to help.

    Otherwise, i think the whole shock-value punk-persona thing is just as much of a pose as the mystical master of Yin and Yang. To me, through all the blog wars, CAN was always at its strongest not when it was flipping the bird but when it could simply point to the numbers; not to generate heat but feel the coldness and hardness of the facts. Look, systems that work consistently. Look, real jobs being created. Look, all these people getting acupuncture who could never afford it before, and they refer many many others.

    And the last paragraph was the best of all – simply put. Do we want to keep this as something to entertain ourselves with or do we actually want lots of people to benefit? Beautiful.

  4. You mentioned in a footnote not knowing what they do down in Latin America. My neighbor is from Chile, and has had acupuncture there. The place he went sounded a lot like what we do: treatment in a chair, with other folks in the room, for cheap. I don’t know how common that form is, or how common acupuncture in any form is there, but there’s one data point for you.

  5. I especially love the dandelion imagery. I will dream of gleeful acupunks blowing dandelion puffs made of acupuncture needles in the wind…

  6. Fantastic article, Lisa! Thanks for being such a clear voice for what we’re doing here.

    A lot of the people I went to school with are now acupunks, and I’m so happy to hear about their thriving community practices. For the ones who aren’t, I sometimes get this overwhelming urge to just grab them by the wrist and pull them into my clinic and say “Look – look what’s happening here. Can you see how amazing this is? Isn’t this what you wanted? You can have it – it’s real. It happens. Every day. Lots of people get lots of acupuncture, and they feel lots better. That’s some real fine work to be doing. You know everything you need to know. I’ll loan you some needles. Get started! What’s the hesitation?”

    I don’t understand wanting the Ming vase. Do people want to be special because they equate that with being lovable? I’m really asking this question. What is at the root of that, and don’t human beings’ needs, even confused acupuncturists, all look pretty much the same, at their foundation?

  7. Lisa,
    Congrats! Wonderfully written article in a Journal, no less! I try hard not to sound like a kiss-ass, but must give credit where it is due.

  8. I’m even further behind!

    I don’t plan on reading any of the backlash cause it’s always been the same and, frankly, I find it boring.

    We’re weedkiller-proof!

    I love being a dandelion among many beautiful unstoppable dandelions. This is the best job in the world.

    P.s. is anyone setting an awesome graphic designer they know on this dandelion imagery? Dandelion wishes as acu needles? Couldn’t it work for POCA?