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This blog is a plug for three things:

1) a new video, up on POCA Tv, of a Suicide Prevention Training that WCA put on for its punks.


A few months back, we got our quarterly newsletter from our licensing board and in it was an announcement that all medical licensees in Oregon would soon be required to have suicide prevention training. As a multi-punk clinic, WCA has learned that if something is required, it's in our best interests collectively to make sure all the punks who work at WCA get it, as opposed to hoping that people make it happen on their own. Fortunately for us, we're a 501c3 now which means we have a Board, and one of our awesome Board members happens to be a qualified mental health therapist. So whenever we run into a problem around accommodating people with mental health issues, we have somebody knowledgeable, sympathetic, and intimately familiar with our clinics, to ask for help. This time when we asked our awesome Board member, Lisa Achilles, for help with this new requirement, she offered to put on the training herself and let us record it. Zelda of POCA Tech's Cohort 4 kindly filmed and edited it. (Yes, we will be getting online CEUs for this at some point.)

OMG GO WATCH IT, it's SO great. There's also a story about a dog, and a cameo from an actual dog, for those of us who need things like that.

But the best part, the part I will never get tired of, is how it's a training from a fantastic and qualified presenter who also knows EXACTLY how community acupuncture clinics work and who tailored the training to the needs of a POCA clinic. I've gone to so many trainings where I left scratching my head wondering how I was going to apply this to my actual practice setting, it was hard to take in the glory of a training that was designed for us. Which brings us to my next plug…

2) for this workshop:


Because where did we meet Lisa Achilles? Through WCA's collaboration with CareOregon. Workshop spolier: one of the best things that has come out of having a partnership with a giant healthcare entity, interestingly enough, is relationships with lovely particular humans. Also, ideas and knowledge that have changed how we approach our community of patients. I would not have anticipated this, back in 2012 when we first encountered CareOregon and started trying to figure out how WCA could relate to a giant healthcare entity. I would never have guessed I'd be so glad we all hung in there with the challenges of that relationship.

3) for relationships with community partners, relationships that stretch us. This is something POCA Tech's new Movement Building Circle is talking about and I just wanted to applaud for that. Better together! That's always what it's about.

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