We’re not the only ones heart-to-heart connecting through the internet.

Here’s a beautiful story from Eric Whitacre, describing a phenomenon I found both wonderful and familiar, because it has a similar story line for CAN and now POCA.  He says “Human beings will go to any lengths necessary to find and connect with each other.”  Makes me appreciate more than ever what the internet has done to make this possible, and what magnificent results we can expect to meet in the future.

 And yes, we DO make music together!

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  1. You really made my day with

    You really made my day with this! Thank you, Lumiel – we have a lot to live up to there!

    Maybe next May Day we can synchronize needling, lol!

    Seriously, couldn’t we do something like this?


  2. wow, what a beautiful image

    wow, what a beautiful image of being connected. Thanks for sharing this. I love the idea of syncing needling for May Day too that’s exactly what I was thinking in the second song with all the bubbles of people connected. One of my teachers would always say that needles are like little antenna pulling in qi, that would be a really cool visual video.