What it is, What it does: The documentary is working.

There were a lot of reasons why CAN enlisted Brian Lindstrom to film the documentary that hopefully we all know about and have seen and promoted by now.  First of all we know that Lisa Rohleder wanted it to change people's perception of what acupuncture is, what it does, who it's for, and why it matters.  I think that's what she said anyway.  There was also the idea that it could help us, in the likely event that we really needed people to GET what it is that we're doing, when we are in the face of the powers-that-be.  This blog post is a huge success story about that kind of situation.  

SO!  First of all, big news:  there is going to be a second Philadelphia Community Acupuncture.  But only because of the documentary.  Let me explain.  After a week of going to see the new space (in an amazing location), I called the owner of the building and said we were ready to sign the lease (I had confirmed with him the night before that he would be available that day for the signing, so I thought all was well and good).  He said he had bad news, that he had received a call from another interested party who wanted to open a yoga studio (the third on the block) and that he didn't know what to do, dilemma.  I asked him to please look at my website before making his final decision.  We hung up, and I went to my website to see what he would see.  I clicked on the blog link and there was a blog about the documentary.  Light bulb time!  I called him back and asked him to please watch the documentary before making his decision.  It was a hellish day of waiting, but at 9 pm that night he called and WAS A TOTAL CONVERT.  He loved the documentary, he wanted to work with us to bring affordable acupuncture to the neighborhood (despite his fear of needles), and NOT ONLY THAT.  He is now volunteering to do all the renovations himself that we had thought we were going to have to do (and pay for), with only a very slight increase in the rent.  Honestly, I don't think any of this would be happening right now without the documentary.  I called Brian Lindstrom to tell him the good news, and he is thrilled, but here, again:  THANK YOU BRIAN, for making such an amazing film.  More soon I hope.  

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