WOW! What a Deal???

This morning I woke up and received this email in my inbox
from a service that gives daily deals on all sorts of things… including
acupuncture.At first I laughed at
the absurdity of this deal, and then I found myself feeling annoyed that people
are actually being fooled into thinking this is a “deal,” then
sadness and anger that this is probably misleading a lot of people into
thinking they could never afford acupuncture, and finally gratitude that I don’t work this way – and neither do many of you.

At this clinic, a one hour treatment costs $125 – but if you jump on today’s deal, you can SCORE with a treatment for $62.50!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!

In fact, at my clinic, for $62.50, you can receive 3
treatments (and I know at some CA clinics, you can receive 4!).And there’s no one
hour time limit threatening to yank you out of your chair and tell you are
finished.  And I don’t give people exotic-sounding explanations about their chi being all messed up to try and talk them into it.

Anyway, it just really got to me, so I thought I ought to share it with you…

Do you struggle with migraines, back pain, weight loss, or other
chronic ailments? Getting horizontal and letting a professional
treat you with acupuncture just might be your cure. Traditional
Chinese medicine is rooted in the philosophy that your body’s
health relies on energy balance, a state known as chi. Blocked or
stagnate chi results in a cranky, bent-out-of-shape you. Get
realigned—and refreshed—with acupuncture. Skeptical?
Today’s deal is a perfect way to give the ancient tradition a
shot, with 50 percent off an acupuncture treatment. That’s just $62.50 for one hour of needle nirvana.
Author: Justine_Myers

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  1. needle nirvana

    Notice the language –

    “rooted in Chinese philosophy”

    “needle nirvana”

    and of course that old standby…”chi…chi…chi”

    It obviously targets a distinct class of people “in the know” who are conditioned to pay attention to exclusive, exotic terminology.

    The other 90% of Americans could care less about fancy schmancy terminology, but just want to feel better.

    (Probably time to comb through my website and remove this classist language.)

  2. I love how it leads you to

    I love how it leads you to believe that “getting horizontal” for one hour is all you need to “cure” your chronic back pain or lose weight. 

    Justine, thanks for posting this.  Now I know how NOT to word my Groupon offer.  Hey, at the end of the day, could you let us know how many are sold?  I’d be verrrry curious…

    Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane. -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  3. So far, they’ve sold a grand total of…


    Yes, they’ve sold 14 whopping treatments.

    Lots of acupuncture for all those hurtin’ people out there…

  4.  the web companies who

     the web companies who offer the local deals usually  have a staff of copy writers who try to make things sound more appealing.  ooops.   at least this one didn’t say happy ending.  it’ll be interesting to see how many get purchased.