Spending a week staying in a log cabin on Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin brought me back to nature, simplicity, music and grounding.


Impressions:  wind through the white pines and the swaying of the tree in the wind; wind through the poplars – fluttering and twinkling the leaves; the sun dancing in the water like stars in the depths; songs of many small birds – their flittering from tree to tree.One stops to listen to me play the Native American flute.Raptors soaring on the air currents.Sea gulls.A doe and her fawn early one morning.Bees.Mist in the morning obscuring the lake and leaving a droplet-filled spider web outlined in the pine.


My clinic is on the third floor.A 5 story tall pine is visible.There are several more within a block.Sentinels.Way-stations for blackbirds.An eagle flies by now and then.The leaves of several types of deciduous trees are near and far.Minnesota’s seasons flow past the windows that form one wall of each treatment room.Clouds.Storms.Blue sky.Reminding all of us that we are part of nature and we respond to it in spite of our technologically enhanced lives.


My time away renewed me and confirmed that I am in the right place and following the right path – a medicine described in terms of nature and relationships. Simple with all its elegance.Healing.Restoring.Grounding.Sustaining – to me and those who experience it.I am so grateful to be on this path.

Author: annmongeau

I've been a member of CAN since the beginning.  It just makes sense to me to offer acupuncture at affordable prices.  Then, because it's so much fun to do community acupuncture and it's so useful to people, I got active in spreading the word. 

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  1. nature’s cup


    I’m so happy you had this nature respite. I am looking forward to a 2 week (silent) meditation retreat near the Columbia River gorge next week with my teacher. Silence and rest are precious, but essential commodities for everyone….especially those of us in professions requiring listening (on all levels), and being a clear mirror to those who come to us seeking healing.

    I believe that a lot of healing happens when we are able to be inwardly quiet with others…which fits perfectly with the CAN model….we don’t need to figure out “the problem”….and it’s questionable whether that sort of strategy even works – figure everything out and give them a 20 point list, etc.


  2. A well-deserved retreat!

    You remind me that I need to find a retreat alone.  You also remind me to remember to include nature in my conversations with patients.  They enjoy telling me what good things have happened to them through acupuncture, and I realize that I can do more than tell them that acupuncture works with their body’s God-given powers of healing.  I can also point out, as you do, how this medicine works because  of the relationships we form with ourselves, each other, the creation, and the needles.  Thank you, Ann.

  3. Ann, thank you.

    Your essay let me re-experience a time long ago, paddling a wooden canoe in a quiet lake in northern Wisconsin.  Moments of transcendance that gave me hope then of a future life of joy and fulfillment.  I am grateful that that life is Now.   Marty