Regional Organizing Success with Sonja

In the greater Seattle area, we have 10 community acupuncture clinics. For the past year, we have been gathering as a community to work together to address several goals. Prioritizing the building of these relationships has been beneficial on many fronts. Organizing regionally in your area can help your clinics grow as well.

We take turns hosting our quarterly meetings so that we get to know the other clinics and where we’re referring people. We have a Facebook page and communicate between meetings about projects and events and questions we have.
One goal is to grow the buzz in Washington about CA. By sharing resources, energy and expertise, we have created multiple forms of media and promotions for all of our clinics. If one of our clinics is out marketing, why not promote all the CA clinics in the area?

A few of our ideas and practices include: a Web Site listing all of our clinics; a tri fold outreach board for tabling at events; a flyer listing all neighborhood locations; letters to medical specialists introducing all of our clinics for their referrals; outreach at farmers markets, health fairs and city wide festivals; and coordinated free days with media outreach. We’ve been able to increase the numbers at all of our clinics by continually referring patients to all of our locations.

Another goal has been to support the development of new clinics. Problem solving, brainstorming and sharing experiences is great for all the new clinics opening throughout the city. We share subs and independent contractors; advice on nuts and bolts details; and best practices.

There are several CA clinics a few hours from Seattle and we have had one meeting with acupuncturists from the whole state. We are continuing to discuss ways to support the clinics outside of our city and how we can all work together.

Are there other CA clinics in your city, state or region? Do you refer patients to one another’s clinics? Interested in meeting up and growing the support and knowledge about CA in your area? Let us know if we can help support your efforts to organize regionally. Contact Sonja Sivesind at or 206-933-7891.

by Sonja Sivesind

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