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What a fantastic weekend! The workshop WCA put on in Portland this weekend was probably the best opportunity yet for many of us to get clear on what our clinics are becoming: stable, sustainable, and successful. I think we also realized that our cooperative POCA community is a reflection of the collective energy that happens in a humming treatment room: there is so much more happening because we are all in this together.

I have a feeling that a number of collective resources will be born out of this weekend, including new clinics, new punks, and new ideas. For the moment, here is a link to many of the handouts that were developed for the workshop presentations. They are all available as part of your punk/clinic membership benefits under the heading The BDC (that's Big Damn Clinic) in the Mighty CA Wiki, which is accessible through the Wiki tab; and here is a direct link to the files currently uploaded. More to come!

Author: Demetra

I live in San Francisco but I'm from New York, and apparently it shows. I come from a family with some members who have had very troubling illnesses, and I found my way to acupuncture in trying to figure out how to help. My father's illness cost him his small business, his savings, his house, and ultimately his life. I viscerally believe that healthcare should never, ever be limited to those few with money to spare. I see every day how the practice of affordable, community acupuncture can honestly heal the world. I feel a moral and ethical responsibility to do everything I can to make this gentle, powerful community medicine available to everyone.

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Conference Keynote: Breaking the Ceiling

The theme for this conference is “Breaking Barriers”. You know, there are so many barriers to break in acupuncture that it was really hard to choose which ones to talk about for this speech. But since I’ve spent so much time talking about classism as a barrier, I thought it might be fun to shift gears a little and talk about numbers.

Opening Talk at the Big Damn Clinic Workshop

What’s interesting, now that we are focusing on it, is how many similarities there are
between having a Big Damn Clinic and practicing acupuncture as a community punk. And that’s a good thing, because it suggests that the model has a lot of integrity; it’s a whole, and all of its aspects look like each other, like a nice symmetrical faceted diamond. It doesn’t look radically different from the front than it does from the back. Also, it’s transparent.


  1. Today when I got to my clinic and experienced the start of the week onslaught, I had the lovely thought: “It doesn’t have to be this way!” It was a great workshop and I’m psyched to start working my way towards a BDC 🙂