Seven Easy Steps to getting your POCA Tech Fundraiser Launched


We've already raised 20% of what we'll need to launch POCATech, that's $25,000 in just a few months.  If 200 POCA clinics can raise 25 – $5 donations in the next month that would be another $25,000!  Get started here…

Seven Easy Steps to getting your POCA Tech Fundraiser Launched


1- Decide how long you want to fundraise for.  POCA is launching a campaign starting December 9th which is Miriam Lee’s birthday.  Think about fundraising for a couple of weeks, or until the end of the year.

2- Get some “bricks.”  Since this is a “bricks and mortar campaign” to raise money to actually renovate and furnish the school, so we’re asking clinics to ask patients to Buy A Brick for Five Bucks.  Some clinics, that are already fundraising this way, are using lego sets so that each time a brick is purchased it can be added to a mini-school structure.  Your clinic could also do a 2 dimensional version of this with rectangles of paper on a wall.  Have donors write their initials on the lego or paper too.

3- Be ready to answer questions about the school;  some questions we still don’t have answers for, but many we do.  A couple of POCA punk volunteers put together a condensed list of FAQ you will want to keep handy for you and your staff.  POCA Tech’s website at has even more information and is being updated with new info regularly.  The FAQ for the fundraiser will be emailed to all clinic and punk members today and can also be found posted inside the forum here.

4- Put up signs in your clinic, at the front desk, in the bathrooms, and treatment rooms.  Put something up on your website, facebook page, send out a news blast via your email list. 

5- Post on the POCA blog or your own blog about POCA, Miriam Lee, community acupuncture, or POCA Tech.  Isn’t remarkable how much our patients get that POCA Tech is needed?  Cross post blogs like LisaB's latest about the gaps in Acu-education that POCA Tech will address.

6- Share in the forum here about what your clinic is doing for this fundraiser.

7- Consider having a special or event that coincides with the fundraiser.  You could host a free documentary screening of the Calmest Revolution ever staged, or have a 2 for 1 week, or a free day during the time you’ve committed to fundraise for.  The more people who know about CA from our clinics, the more supporters we will have for POCA and POCA Tech.

Note: POCA Tech’s non-profit status is still pending.  If people need a receipt for their $5 donation have them write a check to POCA Tech. For cash donations collected we ask that the host clinic write one check for the cash total.  Donors (and people wishing to buy multiple bricks) can also donate by credit card here.

Author: crismonteiro

I've always thought that I would live to be 100 years old and now that I have an actual idea of what it might be like to inhabit this body for a century I want to be damn sure that Community Acupuncture is around to help me through my days and in the end, on my way. In the meantime, I am passionate about getting shit done, and also having fun.

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  1. Here’s another FAQ..

    WHY SHOULD MY CLINIC SUPPORT POCA TECH? (I’m just trying to make my clinic work…)

    POCA is asking clinics to help raise money for POCA Tech because our clinics depend on having community acupuncturists trained to do what it is we do, without being buried in debt. Not only do our clinics depend on this, our patients and the communities we serve depend on this. POCA Tech is planning for the ongoing future of community acupuncture, and the sustainability of individual clinics.

  2. CASA (in San Anselmo) raised almost $400 in December. Last month
    we brought in $165. This is a small clinic, open only 15 hrs/week and seeing only 60-70 patients on the average. I hope that all the other clinics are running their fundraisers and displays too, because this is how we are going to make our goal of $125,000 early this year.

    Cris, please tell me where to send a photo I took of our display. We ran weekly fundraisers in December, for acupuncture. In January we ran weekly fundraisers for free shiatsu, which brought in fewer people, but they were just as generous. The display prompts some people to pull out extra dollars when they see the legos, each time they come in.

  3. These POCATech fundraisers are so simple and easy and they just keep bringing funds practically on their own. We’ve decided to keep ours going for a while more.

    You can post a picture inside the forum on this thread:

    I would love to keep hearing from clinics that are still doing these or that are going to start doing these fundraisers.

    If CASA can run a P’Tech fundraiser- certainly older- (older than 4months old) can easily do them as well. Great numbers there too!
    Congratulations and thanks!