Sociocracy — Governance for the People

POCA is looking to dynamic governance as a structure for organizing the co-op.  Dynamic governance, also known as sociocracy, is a system of organizing through the use of consent-based decision making amongst circles of equivalent individuals.  It is a method for organizing that can effectively and efficiently access our pool of skills, creativity, and leadership.

Once the basic principles for how dynamic governance works are understood, procedures for getting involved will become clear.  Policies and the execution of projects are structured into a hierarchy of semi-autonomous and self-organizing circles.  Each of these circles has a particular aim and domain of responsibility. Communication and coordination of the circles is maintained by interlinking them with each other via the election of leaders and representatives for each circle.  The policies and elected links for each circle are determined by an efficient process based on consent.  In this way everyone in a particular circle is involved and the decision-making processes of the organization as a whole, are strong.

As POCA moves forward in its development, we will share with you ways that you can directly participate in carrying out POCA’s mission.   The mechanisms of dynamic governance will allow us to include the voices of all participating members of the co-op and more thoroughly respond to the local, regional, and national needs of its stakeholders.

Thanks to John Vella at WCA for this primer on sociocracy.  You can read more at

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