Spanish for Acupuntura Comunitaria: Easy As !Uno, Dos, Tres!

[h3][size=6][strong]Spanish for [i]Acupuntura Comunitaria[/i]:[/size] Easy As [i]!Uno, Dos, Tres![/i][/strong][/h3]


[i]Estimados Amigos[/i],

With great pleasure, we announce the inauguration of the [url=] Spanish for [i]Acupuntura Comunitaria[/i] Wiki[/url]. Located within the [url=]Mighty CA Wiki[/url] (accessible to Acupunk/Student & Clinic members) under the category of [url=]Clinic Systems[/url], the Spanish wiki is intended to be a dynamic creative commons resource for increasing your outreach to Spanish-speaking communities. The idea has been floating around for some time, and there are already several forum threads where resources in Spanish have been shared. You no longer have to hunt those down or stumble across them—over time, the wiki will have everything you need. It will be up to all of us to pose questions, make requests, offer suggestions, share insights, and proofread in order to cultivate the wiki as a useful community acupuncture resource. Current sections-in-progress include Q & A, Sample Scripts, Formal Translations, and More Resources (such as links to CA clinic websites with pages in Spanish). And, at the top of the wiki is Vocab of the Week where dedicated followers will learn—and then  practice—one new Spanish word or expression relevant to community acupuncture each week. The first word is already posted—check it out! But how can you make your ideas and needs known without editing the wiki itself?

[i]¡Es fácil![/i] Post to the [url=] Spanish for CA forum[/url] (Forum Home > POCA Fishbowl > Dear POCA > Spanish for CA), which is now the designated thread accessible to all members for communicating indirectly with the wiki. We already have a committed volunteer who will check the Spanish for CA forum once per week and then make modifications to the wiki accordingly. If you have editing privileges, you can certainly work on the wiki directly.

The Spanish for [i]Acupuntura Comunitaria[/i] wiki will not bestow you with fluency in Spanish. But it will help you make meaningful gestures that will increase your clinic’s [i]comunidad[/i]. Even one word in Spanish could do wonders for lowering affective filters and helping a patient feel welcome and at ease. This can even start on your clinic’s web page; the wiki already has some solid bilingual health history intake vocab lists, patient consent statements, and financial agreements. The wiki also directs you to the  Spanish for CA forum for downloading docs and PDFs.

Incorporating Spanish resources into your practice has even more benefits. Besides facilitating effective treatment, it bridges you to the extensive social networks of Spanish-speaking communities. Why not let your local Hispanic or Latino business associations, radio stations, and/or newspapers know that you are reaching out? Entice them to experience your clinic and interview you. Show them—and hence their audiences—what you can do for the many people who are not proficient in English and who are therefore much more likely to find themselves working multiple physically demanding and low-paying jobs, vulnerable to illness stemming from inadequate nutrition and chronic stress, experiencing disempowerment, and alienated from the mainstream health care system. I.E., standing to benefit from community acupuncture from many different angles.

Just last week, the Spanish for [i]Acupuntura Comunitaria[/i] wiki was still an idea. Now, it is a reality. Maybe today there was no Spanish in your punking. [i]Mañana[/i] could be another story!

[strong]The 5 Elements of the [url=] Spanish for [i]Acupuntura Comunitaria[/i] Wiki[/url]:[/strong]

1. [strong][i]¿Qué?[/i][/strong]                Spanish resource creative commons for community acupuncture needs.
2. [strong][i]¿Quién?[/i][/strong]            Accessible to Acupunk/Student & Clinic Members; updated by Neil Pischner
3. [strong][i]¿Cómo?[/i][/strong]           Communicate indirectly with the wiki via:
                                 [url=]   Forum Home[/url] > POCA Fishbowl > [url=]Dear POCA[/url] > [url=] Spanish for CA forum[/url]
4. [strong][i]¿Cuándo?[/i][/strong]     Updates once/week.
5. [strong][i]¿Dónde?[/i][/strong]         In the [url=]Mighty CA Wiki[/url] under [url=]Clinic Systems[/url].

Author: POCAGuestBlog

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  1. Thank you for this. I keep thinking, “gee, I really want to study spanish.” I (think) I have found a space to open my clinic and it is an area with a large hispanic community, so i will be making use of these resources.
    thanks again!