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She got me thinking… what is it about these relationships we have with our patients that is so incredibly fulfilling. I don’t think it is the fact that they “need” us (which they don’t), or the fact that we “need” them (which we do/don’t).

I think what Nicole is talking about, and this warm fuzzy feeling we are all getting is (aha!) COMMUNITY.

I don’t know that I’ve ever really experienced a “community” before. Most of my life has been spent either with friends, family, or feeling awkward about making conversation with “strangers” (i.e. the checker at the grocery store, the cutie at the coffee stand, that lady that you seem to drive behind every day to work). Now, I generally have felt the urge to chit chat, but social norms have me believe that they don’t want to talk to me. Which they don’t, because they think I DON’T want to talk to them. So we all stand in line and stare at tabloid magazine and act like that type of life is normal.

So what have we gotten ourselves into here? We now have a group of people, of individuals that we interact with, warmly, on a regular basis. We feel free to make chit chat, and we aren’t afraid to welcome new “strangers” in. And it feels great. I’m not going to go out to lunch with my patients or babysit their kids – they do not fall in the “friends” or “family” categories but that doesn’t make them STRANGERS. They are my community. They are the lovely faces I see every week, or every day. They are what makes my day. And it is enough for them to be just that. Nothing more, nothing less than The People Around Me.

I think this concept has me broadening my belief about who is in my community, and ironically making it easier for me to conceptualize these people being part of my acupuncture community. Of course. My acupuncture community is the People Around Me. Therefore, the People Around Me, can just as easily become my acupuncture community.

Lovely lovely lovely.

Thanks for the blog Nicole, what a great thought for the day!

Dana @ Skagit COMMUNITY Acupuncture

Hadea Tift
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