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Once again, the POCA Cooperative has made a generous $10,000 donation to POCA Tech after the successful May Membership Drive.

Even though this has been happening after every Membership Drive for awhile now, it’s still a huge deal for POCA Tech, every time. The support of the co-op allows us to keep our tuition as low as it is. As part of expressing our gratitude, here are some recent ways that POCA Tech sends love back to the co-op:

Yesterday (6/25/18) was the first day of work for Joseph Ibrahim, the very first person to enroll in POCA Tech’s very first cohort. Joe is working at Ashland Community Acupuncture and Metrowest Community Acupuncture in Massachusetts. Joe is from New England, he discovered community acupuncture at a POCA clinic in Maine, and after attending POCA Tech, he moved back home to New England to take a job at another POCA clinic. Yay!

In other good news, it’s evident that POCA Tech students are talented organizers and are well qualified to take on future leadership roles in the co-op.

Exhibit A: Cohort 3 organizing other acupuncture students.

Exhibit B: this year’s Capstone Projects from Cohort 2 — punklings creating resources, CEUs, and new structures for POCA. Some of these were the work of individuals and some were done by students self-organized into small groups:

a workbook for POCA Tech graduates who are seeking jobs in POCA clinics, particularly for graduates who will be the first employee hired by a solo owner, including questions for the graduate to ask themselves and their potential employer. We’re going to incorporate this into the curriculum next year!

a brochure explaining the use of ear seeds on 5NP with graphics alone (no text at all!) designed to be used across language and literacy barriers — this is already in use at CODA, where POCA Tech interns provide acupuncture and acupressure to patients accessing medication assisted treatment

the Away Clinics Pilot Project (yes, this was student-led)

another pilot project providing a free acupressure clinic using ear seeds as part of harm reduction services (this will become an online CEU)

a project about immigration trauma and how to address it with acupuncture (will also be an online CEU)

and a guide to replicating a 501c 3 clinic, for graduates hoping to work in one.

Summer is a busy time at POCA Tech due to graduation and exam-taking, but we’re hoping to get all the material from the Capstones up on the forums as soon as we can. In the meantime, here’s a heartfelt thank you from POCA Tech to all the members of the POCA Cooperative! Your support allows us to do work that we’re excited about.

Author: lisafer

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  1. D’aw, thank YOU POCATech, and thank YOU to ALL of the punklings who just won’t stop doing and making all kinds of COOL STUFF that we ALL get to use! YYAAAYYYY!!!!