The Rising Tide and Momentum

Oceanside,   W o o o s – t a h  and  Fitchburg, Idylwyld,  Santa Fe, Mesa, L. A. (coming soon) . . . .   here comes the surge .

Referrals and the groovy train, CAN 101, community, the Community Acupuncture Network really is coming into its own, very quickly.

CA may just not be everyone’s cup of qi, philosophically, economically, whatever-ically, but CA  as   a workable, viable, sustainable health care option, with many dedicated enthusiasts, is here, and is here to stay. 

Last night I dropped in to my favorite local yoga haunt, Yoga Oasis (YO) for Yoga hour with Rachel.  Funny how the universe works.  It was like a CA “pick-me-up”.  First, the power of numbers. 56 students in a studio built for 44.  20 more students overflow into another studio for a last minute added class.  Last year my friends at Yoga Oasis started offering what amounts to a “yoga happy hour”, for $4 /class.  Less than a year later, this is now a thriving mainstay on the schedule and attendance in yoga hours and overall has surged.  For those scared of CA’s affordable sliding scale, here’s an example of the power of “lots of smaller amounts” vs. “fewer of larger amounts”.   It also doesn’t hurt that YO has some of the best teachers in the world.

The word of the night – “move”.  Rachel was my mirror, she didn’t know it, but in 2 minutes she explained beautifully some of the foundations of daily life for me in a CA setup.. When it’s busy, life flows and whether or not you are tired, the momentum of many things carries you in the flow.  When it’s slow, the stagnation that can accompany stillness can drag you down.  Find your inner power and move from the center, from the inside out, move from the core of your Being.

So we moved our bodies, hearts and souls through one hour of fast paced asanas, finally coming to rest in Savasana.  Now that’s what I call community yoga.

Author: keithananda

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  1. Ah yes….

    I….. am also passing this along to my “yoga teacher dear friend” who cooks in a recliner with regularity and has been wondering (as I find many professionals start doing…) “hmmm….how can i do something similar?”