Welcome! and pardon the dust.

Aerial view of a construction site with workers

Oh, Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by.

You’ve found the early stages of the brand new pocacoop.com. If you’ve poked around at all you can see that we have a lot of work todo. But many of the features that you can see and use will become staples of the new pocacoop.com.

Right now we’d love it if you came in and started to make your self at home.

If you have ever had an account on pocacoop.com, we brought your user account over to the new site already. However, you will need to reset your password before you can sign in. To do so, visit the lost password page and submit your email address. You’ll be sent a password reset link to help you get signed in.

Once you are signed into your account start exploring the new site! A few good places to start would be updating your profile, check out a new group, or start a forum discussion. If you need to review you membership info or renew your existing membership you can do that here too!

If you have never had an account with pocacoop.com but want to see what our new site has to offer, please register an account to get the most out of this site. We have a free membership tier for people who just want to kick the tires or maybe comment on a blog post. Come get a taste of POCA as a house guest!

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  1. The Old Forums will be coming over to the new site in relative short order.
    Thanks for everybody’s patience as this new home gets fleshed out and built up.